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While the Rebels take the field and try to get to 2-0 for the first time in 20 years, I’m sure some of you are pondering what to make at Sam Boyd Stadium for your tailgate. As usual, Franchise Sports Media and I have you covered! Before UNLV attempts to avenge their 20-27 defeat to the Red Wolves’ last season, make sure you try out these bourbon maple glazed pork chops with a blueberry apple chutney


First, we’ll put together the bourbon maple glaze. It works on the grill just as easy as it would at home on the stove. 


1 ½ cups powdered sugar


¼ cup maple syrup


2 tablespoons milk


1  ounce of bourbon


You’re going to want to sift in the powdered sugar, and then thoroughly whisk in the other ingredients. Do so at a medium heat. Let it get to a light simmer. 


Next is the apple chutney. Apples have been the perfect pairing to pork forever now, and this chutney adds the perfect amount of sweet, tart, and even a little bit of heat. 


2 green apples (Make sure you core them, peel, and then chop)


¼ cup blueberries


½ cup of green onion


¼ cup apple cider


¼ cup lemon juice 


¼ cup brown sugar


1 tablespoon orange zest


½ tablespoon of cinnamon 


Pinch of cayenne pepper 

Once all the ingredients are mixed in together, make sure to put them on your grill at high heat. Once they come to a boil, let them sit and simmer at a lower heat for 10-15 minutes. This way any excess liquid can cook-off. 


Now that your toppers are prepared and staying hot in their pans with the lids on, we move to the pork chops. Since the glaze and chutney are busy ingredients in comparison, simply season them with salt and pepper. Bone-in chops are the best to grill, so that’s what I would get at the store. Make sure to grill on each side between 5-8 minutes. Internal temp should reach 145 degrees before serving. 


After you achieve the good grill marks on each side, first brush on the bourbon maple glaze. After it liberally coats the chop, add two hefty spoon fulls of the chutney. After that, it’s ready to serve and enjoy!!



Enjoy your UNLV tailgating recipes!

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