The Franchise Interview – New UNLV Basketball Commit Edoardo Del Cadia


Just when you thought UNLV was done adding to its already deep 2020 recruiting class, another commitment came out of seemingly nowhere.


The Rebels 8th such pledge is from the JUCO ranks in the form of small-ball center, Edoardo Del Cadia. The 6’8 import from Italy played most recently at the College of Central Florida, where he posted some pretty impressive numbers. In 25 games this season, Del Cadia averaged 13.6 points and 9.4 rebounds per game. UNLV will benefit from his strong shooting. Del Cadia went 37% from three-point range, and he was an 83% free-throw shooter. 

There’s limited footage out there on Del Cadia, but from what I was able to find, it’s obvious he is multi-dimensional. The thing that stands out initially is his ability as a knockdown shooter. On catch and shoot plays, his form is solid, and his shot is high-arcing and pure. The highlights of him also displayed his ability to create separation from his defender by using his ball-handling and craftiness to get himself an open jumper. Also, Del Cadia has the speed to blow by the defense and get to the rim with regularity. 

Beyond the brief glimpse of his skillset online with YouTube videos, the thing that stands out to me most is the number of double-doubles Del Cadia was able to post. On the season, he had 11 in total. The Rebels have been a dominant rebounding team under Otzelberger. They’ve been a top 5 offensive rebounding club, and are top 15 overall nationally. Bringing in a big like Del Cadia can help keep UNLV as a top rebounding team come 2020. 


I was able to chat with Edo about his commitment to TJ Otzelberger. We discussed what ultimately drew him to Las Vegas, the difference between European and American basketball, and what UNLV fans can expect from him next season. 


JW- Tell us a little bit about your journey from Europe to playing JUCO in the United States. 

EDC-  I started playing when I was 3yrs old in Italy in the beautiful city of Senigallia. I played there for 13 years when I finally decided to go play in England for a high school named Myerscough College. Myerscough was the best experience I have ever had. I met a bunch of great people that are still a big part of my life. I loved my teammates, friends, and the coaching staff. We were Division 3 champions, U18 Champions twice, and also U19 champions.

So you get that winning mentality with me. Unfortunately, I was only there for two years, but then I decided to commit to Cloud County in Kansas. I’ve had good ups and downs at Cloud County, but I made it through the first year. However, after that, I committed to Central Florida, which I think was one of the best decisions in my life. After that was the commitment to UNLV.”

JWPeople often say that teachings in Euro ball focuses more on fundamentals, skill, and technique as opposed to America’s AAU circuit. Explain to us how you view that stigma. 

EDC- “Europe is all about the fundamentals. It’s about who has the better technique to win. The accuracy that they pass the ball to the shooter with is something different. They do the little things which at the end of the day become big things that you have to have. For example: Being able to pass the ball with both hands at the right time for a shooter, not a second earlier, not a second late.  In America, you see everybody fly out of the gym with crazy dunks, but I bet you don’t see an accurate pass with a weak hand.” 

JW- Which UNLV coach first reached out to you about playing for the Rebels? 

EDC- “Coach Slocum, who is a great person.” 

JW- What was it about UNLV that intrigued you the most? 

EDC- Having the opportunity to be living in Las Vegas is something that not every university has. The historic program was also a big part of my decision.”

JW- In JUCO you played the center position pretty regularly at 6’7-6’8. Describe how that experience can translate for a Rebel team that has had success this season playing small ball. 

EDC-The center position is not what I like to be honest, and I usually play the 4. As you said, when we want to go “small” I will play the 5 with no problems as we will play fast basketball. We all think as guards when we go small. I am excited to be playing the four spot for UNLV and the five if there’s the possibility. I am a forward.”

JW- What are some of the strengths of your game? 

EDC- I just want it more than a lot of people. I am focused on winning and being a leader for my team. I would say that I talk a lot in the game. I let everybody know what’s going on while we play. I am a good reader also. I can read a situation and make a decision like a guard.” 

JW- What are some things you feel you need to work on in order to improve? 

EDC- I want to have crazy bounce in the next two years. I want to be able to go right a little bit more and also improve on my jump shot.” 

JW- What were the other schools that were recruiting you the hardest? 

EDC- I had a lot of schools recruiting me in the past months. So I did not have a school that was recruiting me harder than UNLV. Lately, I was more in contact with Colorado State and North Texas.”

JW- What are the goals that you would like to achieve on the basketball court while you’re in Las Vegas? 

EDC- I want to be an NBA player.”

JW- What are some things you would like to accomplish as a student while at UNLV? 

EDC- I would love to study marketing and stuff like that as my dad is into that business.” 

JW- What’s your message for UNLV fans? 

EDC- I have been in a school for chefs in Italy for three years so I can cook some delicious plates! They call me “chef” on the basketball court for two reasons, I can cook, and I cook even better on the basketball court.” 


Edoardo is big on confidence, and is an ambitious player. He joins 8 new players (10 if you count David Jenkins Jr and Moses Wood) coming into the Rebel program for 2020. That’s a lot of additions for a UNLV team that will only graduate 3 scholarship seniors. Your guess is as good as mine as to how the roster will ultimately unfold for 2020-21, but I think it’s safe to say that only TJ Otzelberger knows how the 13 player allotment will transpire. 

Edoardo Del Cadia     Edoardo Del Cadia   Edoardo Del Cadia     Edoardo Del Cadia     Edoardo Del Cadia     Edoardo Del Cadia


-Jeffrey Waddilove – Franchise Sports Media



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