Your Home for MMA and Boxing

Along with the other major sports teams in Las Vegas, we here at Franchise Sports Media are proud to announce that we’ll also be covering all Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing happening in our city.

Combat sports are entertaining sports that have been vital to the city of Las Vegas for many years and continue to become even more popular. With shows like “The Ultimate Fighter” and the Godfather of MMA, Dana White, living in Vegas, the UFC and MMA as a whole continues to grow in popularity.

FSM: Las Vegas' #1 Home for MMA and Boxing | Franchise Sports Media

The sport of boxing has been known as “The Sport of Kings” and showcased at arenas in Las Vegas for decades. Boxing continues to be featured in Vegas year-round, especially on holiday weekends like Cinco de Mayo, where the world comes to Las Vegas to see the gladiators in the ring. With Floyd “Money” Mayweather and “TMT” promotions making Vegas home, the sport of boxing is looking to rekindle it’s popularity and once again become must-see TV.

FSM: Las Vegas' #1 Home for MMA and Boxing | Franchise Sports Media

However, for almost 20 years, MMA has become a key entertainment attraction for locals and tourists, especially in part to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) which is headquartered in Las Vegas. We here at FSM look forward to being a key part of both sports’ growth and giving you a glimpse into parts of them that not everyone sees.


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