Go Knights Go!


I did it.

I went to my first Las Vegas Golden Knights game at T-Mobile Arena. I’ve been in Las Vegas since the 1st season and I remember the madness. This team took this city and turned it upside-down hockey crazy in one season. They say the second season is when the hockey fans showed up and it was even crazier.

Last night I was able to see for myself. A Golden Knights game is just different. Vegas is just different. I’ve been to the Super Bowl. I’ve sat in the Black Hole. I’ve seen Manchester United and Real Madrid live. I’ve sung the National Anthem at Dodger playoff games at Chavez Ravine.

Vegas is just different.

This is the entertainment capital of the world and the Golden Knights make sure you know that from the time you walk into T-Mobile Arena on game night. P-Rida hooked me up with some SWEET tickets. I was like, on the ice you dig? It was boss! From the pregame, it’s a spectacle. The crowd is like 3 twenty-minute long Raider touchdowns in Oakland on Monday Night Football. It’s loud. It’s all the way loud.

I started to get it when the Knight came out on the ice. This shit is no joke. There really shouldn’t be anybody coming in here and leaving with a W. This is home-ice advantage. It was cancer night and they gave away beenies. I was so close to the ice, my bald head needed it… that is until I started getting lit.

Pour out some liquor

I walk into the MGM suite like “no shit?” They had mac & cheese and collard greens. Wait what? Red Velvet cake and cookies and brownies and all kinds of goodies! Man, I’m on a diet. I can’t eat any of this shit… I’m going to the bar. What a bar! An OPEN BAR. I see a bottle of Silver Oak with my name on it. Uncork that please sir, it’s cold outside and I’m made in California.

Good vino at the hockey game is par for the course. I’m about to have a toasty good time. I told a couple of Senior Knights fans that I was a first-timer and out came the 1942. By the time I get back to my seat, the temperature inside of T-Mobile Arena was inexplicably warmer than I remembered. I wondered why…

Time for some Hockey.

Face off. This place is intense. Everybody hates San Jose. Ok, so I hate San Jose too. I’ve never been a hockey guy. I went to a game in Toronto once. I went to see the Kings a couple of years ago in the playoffs. I sang the anthem at the all-star game when I was a kid. That was the extent of my hockey experience. I’ll be the basic bandwagon fanboy on this one. Go Knights go! I understand the rules. I’m FAR from the expert. I spend more time listening and asking questions about hockey. Tonight I’m gonna be a fan. Let’s get it.

First off, the game is way faster in person. The constant back and forth when you’re watching it live reminds me of basketball. The spacing, the positions, and the plans of attack and defense are like soccer in a way. Counterattacking can be deadly when applied correctly. Another thing I took for granted was the hitting. I see why dudes have mad teeth missing. San Jose delivered a couple of hard checks that shook my seat. After a series of shots that were never gonna make it past Aaron Dell, the Knights’ Brayden McNabb tied the score at 1-1. T-Mobile Arena’s roof flew off and I was officially wasted.

In my first game, we were headed for overtime.

I was highly entertained. Most of the night, the Knights seemed a step slow against San Jose and they’re a decidedly better team. A rivalry game is just that though. You know anything can happen. Overtime didn’t last long. I was happy I didn’t go and get a refill because I wouldve missed it.

I stand up in my seat as Logan Couture races down the ice like somebody shot him out of a cannon… Before I can say “WTF?” this guy has scored. This game is over. All of T-Mobile is in the cobra pose, including your boy. It’s so quiet in this place I can actually hear Shark players telling us to shut up and go home. I’m standing here with my hands on my heads looking stupid…

Well… I wasn’t expecting that part.

My first Knights’ game ended in a loss. I went back to the suite and drank about it. Honestly, it’s the only thing about the night that I’d change. Being a rookie, I had to sit back and take it all in. Now I’m bout that action. I left T-Mobile straight wasted. I had a ball and I will be back as soon as I possibly can. I can absolutely see what the fuss is about. Vegas is just different. The first professional sports team in this city is just different.

If you’ve ever packed up and hit Sin City for a weekend, you know that excitement you feel when you first see the light., It’s all been packaged up and offered in the form of 17,500 Vegas Strong maniacs packed inside of T-Mobile Arena ready for Hockey night in Las Vegas.

I’m a fan now. If you havent been to a game you should try it. I guarantee you’ll have a ball win, lose, or draw. Knights fans get loud and stay that way. It reminded me of an SEC football game on a smaller scale. It was that hype! I had the chance to simply sit and be a fan for once. It’s a different experience than normal. I’m like emotionally invested in the Raiders, Niners, and Manchester United. Same thing for the Lakers. When I’m at those games I’m watching from the perspective of the media or the maniac. I may as well be a coach in my own head.

With hockey, I’m just chillin. I’m gonna do it again too. Can’t wait. Vegas is home now and this city belongs to the Golden Knights. Now I understand the war cry. I get why people in this town lose their shit when they hear it… It’s Vegas strong. It’s provocative. It gets the people moving. Say it with me.

Go Knights Go!


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Golden Knights vs San Jose Sharks Photos

Photography by Terrance Quaites