Meet UNLV 2021 Commitment, Keshon Gilbert

The UNLV staff wasted no time in landing their point guard of the future. Keshon Gilbert, who was born in St. Louis and later moved to Peoria, Illinois, moved to Las Vegas during his freshman year of high school. He enrolled at Durango, and there started to hone the skills that would eventually have him commit to the Runnin’ Rebels. I spoke with Keshon about a variety of topics, and here’s what he had to say, 

JW- When did UNLV first get involved with your recruitment? 

KG- They got involved around the middle of my AAU season. 

JW Which coach reached to you initially? 

KG- Coach Kevin Kruger was the first coach to contact me.

JW– Describe your relationship with the staff. 

KG- They like me for me, and they’re straight forward with me. No faking involved. 

JW- What other schools offered you and were showing interest? 

KG- Long Beach State, UNR, Fresno State and UNLV offered me. I had interest from New Mexico, Colorado State, SDSU, etc.

JW- Being a 2021 recruit, what ultimately made you decide to pull the trigger on UNLV so early in the process?  

KG- I want to be somewhere that loyalty is a big thing. Coach T.J. constantly reminded me that he had my back through thick and thin. And I feel like loyalty is a rare thing to come across. 

JW- What would you say is your primary strength as a player? 

KG- Getting my teammates involved and taking over the game when I need to.

JW- What are some things you feel you need to work on in order to improve? 

  KG- My pull up and hitting open shots.

  JW- When the staff talks to you about your role with the team, what are their expectations for you? 

  KG- Just to play my game. To get people involved and get buckets.  

  JW- What are you looking to get out of your college experience besides basketball? 

  KG- Learning how to live on my own.

  JW- What’s your message to UNLV fans? 

  KG- Tune in, it’s going to be a movie.

Jeffrey Waddilove