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What’s Next For Las Vegas Youth Sports?


Four months into quarantine and homes are flipped upside down. Tempers are rising and parents are having meltdowns. Children are arguing, writing on walls, flushing their toys down the toilet, and bored out of their minds. Parents are itching for peace, and children are begging for attention all day long. 


What's Next For Youth Sports in Las Vegas?
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There are only so many activities you can do to entertain your child before you go bonkers. Are your children growing bored with their daily quarantine routines? Well, that doesn’t have to last for much longer. National Youth Sports is returning in full effect. NYS Nevada is a recreational sports league with a wide range of sports for kids ages 3 to 16. The staff has developed safety measures that will take effect to ensure the health of staff, children, and families. 

Ben JoffeOperations Co-Founder & Director at National Youth Sports Nevada (NYS Nevada), gave FSM some detail of the direction NYS is taking. “We are currently registering for our fall season, we obviously paused everything that was going on in the spring, and we did not run a summer season that we would have normally run, we are angling for what would be a late fall season. Which will be after schools just kind of have a chance to figure out what they are doing a little bit as well. From talking to our customers, we have a lot of customers that are telling us 100% that they want to come back. We are putting in a number of precautions, that’s the best way to describe it.”


NYS has committed to communicating updates with parents and staff members throughout this ongoing pandemic. They are discussing several approaches to be able to run games and practices safely. 


We were able to send out some really strong advisories, in terms of everything that has come to us, in terms of coaches and parents wearing masks and being further away,” Joffe told me. “Changing our rule sets in certain sports, in terms of you know, things as simple as removing the high five. Getting rid of fist bumps and all kinds of things like that, changing the huddling process in football. There are all kinds of things that we have put in to start phasing in for what will be a fall season we hope… and obviously, our eyes are open in terms of what can and can’t happen. We are going to follow the best guidance that is set down by the Southern Nevada Health District and all of our field providers in all of our facilities.”


What's Next For Youth Sports in Las Vegas?
Ben Joffe (L), Director and Co-Founder NYS Nevada

Due to the spread of COVID-19, schools were mandated to close for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year. Many children missed out on school activities, dances, and graduations. Students around the nation were assigned online assignments and packets to receive credit for the remainder of the school year. Parents were left with no other option than to play teacher. Administrators and teachers took advantage of platforms such as zoom to stay dedicated and involved in their student’s education. NYS used different approaches to help take some of the weight off of parents during the lockdown. 

Joffe continued to tell me about NYS plans for the upcoming season, “We have reached out to a number of our coaches and tried to send out some digital practice ideas, with, you know, simple things in terms of training. We are really tight with a company called Phase 1, for example, that does digital training. They have really done a great job in terms of pushing some individual training for kids to do over the summer while they’re at home. But at the same time, we certainly understand what kids have missed out on in reality, in the past five and half months of play. And that number is only increasing.” 


NYS has authorized strict regulations on coaches and staff. Anyone susceptible to fevers or have any symptoms cannot return. Staff and referees will be required to get tested before returning. Temperature checks and staying home when sick is highly recommended to staff, children, and family members. 


We want to keep your kids as safe as possible, but we do understand this just like every other risk in youth sports. COVID 19 is an added risk, and we have encouraged our parents that if they aren’t ready, don’t come back yet. That’s okay. Our goal is to be here when you are ready, whether that is this fall season, whether that’s this winter, or maybe next spring when a vaccine is around, and you know, when we are a little bit further along,” Joffe said to me over the phone. 


Las Vegas Youth Sports     
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Like fans of sports teams, parents want to cheer their kids on, and youth athletes want to play just like their professional counterparts. Whenever that is, Joffe told me NYS would be ready, and they will also make sure it is safe for all.

We are going to be here when that happens. I’m 100% convinced that youth sports are not going away forever, just because of this virus. Kids need to be active; kids need to learn to participate and share with other kids and be around other kids. There are so many values that come out of youth sports. We are going to be there when you’re ready for your family to come back. If you have a child or a family member who is more at risk, we are going to recommend staying home. Don’t rush back; we understand that.” 


NYS Nevada is planning to hold its first recreational practice around September 1st. Coaches in various competitive sports have already received training on coach preparation for this upcoming season. National Youth Sports is continuing to take careful provisions by following guidelines from the state. Information will be regularly updated on National Youth Sports Facebook, website, and email.


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