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Match Recap: Lights FC vs LA Galaxy II


Lights FC lost a close one in a high goal-scoring battle against Los Angeles Galaxy II. 


The Las Vegas Lights were not allowing LA to put together any efficient drives downfield early. For the majority of the first half, LA Galaxy could not find any passing or running lanes to create any chance at goal. The constant ball pressure by Las Vegas forced the Galaxy to reset their attacking drives or attempt contested passes inside, which allowed the Lights to generate a lot of counters.

LA Galaxy II had to be satisfied with the first half result. Although the Lights controlled the tempo, Marucio Cuevas scored a beautiful free-kick from twenty yards out in the 4th minute of the match.

The Lights FC had several chances at goal, but only one hit the back of the net when winger, Yamikani Chester, smashed in a rebounded ball off the crossbar for the Lights’ first score.


LA Galaxy II looked revitalized in the 2nd half.


lights fc vs LA Galaxy II
Photo Courtesy: USL

The LA squad picked up their pace with precise ball handling, passes, and overall attacks downfield.  Las Vegas missed their leader in the backline with Ramon Del Campo in this game. It was a tough day for Las Vegas’ back four as they allowed too many completed crosses into the box that turned into goals for Galaxy II. 

In just three minutes into the final half, Augustine Williams caught a cross from Omar Ontiveros and was able to put in his third goal in his last two games for his club.

The next goal for LA came from another cross in from midfielder Adrian Vera to downhill running Ivan Gutierrez for a header to the bottom left corner to put his team up 3-1.

Las Vegas defender Johnny Fenwick recorded his first goal of the 2020 USL Championship season off an untouched corner kick that landed at his foot for a bottom bins shot. Unfortunately, LA Galaxy responded instantly within the next minute when Jorge Hernandez finished a deflected free ball just inside the box.

Blake Frischknetch continued his quality production and kept his team alive when he put in a great header off a cross from Vegas’ #10 Junior Burgos. 

The Lights had an opportunity to tie things up before it was all said and done. In the 94th minute, Raul Mendiola missed an open shot that hit off the back post from the six-yard box. It is good news to see that Mendiola was capable of returning to the playing field after he was sidelined in the Lights FC game against Phoenix Rising FC back in week 10 with a left leg injury.


Overall, not a bad game for Las Vegas.


Lights FC vs Galaxy II recap
Photo Credit: Lights FC

In many matches, three goals would have done the job, but LA took advantage of their chances and were able to pull this one out. Vegas goalkeeper, Edward Delgado wasn’t tested many times in this game. Galaxy II only had four shots on target, and all four turned into points.

The Lights can look to improve their marking defense inside the box to avoid giving up the types of opportunities Los Angeles had in this game. LA Galaxy II now move to second place in the group B stage with 15 points. No need to give up Las Vegas fans; the Lights FC still have eight games left to play, which is more than enough to catch up on seven points.

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Do not count out Las Vegas Lights FC, as their playoff contention is still alive. They take on San Diego Loyal in their match on September 2, at 7:30 pm PT, only on ESPN+.

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