There were few hotter prospects on the summer circuit than Donavan Yap. When Villanova and Texas Tech call you and express interest, you know you’re doing elite things on the basketball court. Yap fielded offers from St. Mary’s, Wazzu, and San Diego State, too, but it was the offer from hometown UNLV that ended up being the one he prized most.

The 2020 Arbor View product scores at all 3 levels, and his 38% shooting from downtown in AAU games in July is a big reason TJ Otzelberger and the Rebels valued the combo guard so much. Donavan sat down for some Franchise Sports Media Q&A, and here’s what he had to say about UNLV, his collegiate future, and more!


Franchise Sports Media - Meet Donavan Yap


JW– When did UNLV get involved with your recruitment?

DY- Late April is when they got involved. Definitely showed a strong importance for me playing for them.

JW- How is your relationship with coach Otzelberger and the staff? What role did it play in you choosing UNLV?

DY- Me and coach T.J. have a great relationship, along with the rest of the coaching staff. This played a huge role in my commitment because they are about building relationships and not just focused on the basketball part. They want to get to know you and create a relationship that wouldn’t be provided anywhere else.

JW- What other schools were recruiting you the hardest, and how did UNLV stand out and separate themselves from the pack?

DY- Minnesota, Washington State, Fresno State, and UNR were recruiting me the hardest. UNLV stood out because of a couple of things. I feel the play style fits me like a puzzle piece. Unlv is also in my hometown and the coaches really showed a strong interest in me from the jump.

JW- As a local player committing to play for your hometown team, describe what makes the opportunity special to you.

DYIt’s definitely special to be able to play for your hometown. Not too many local players are able to do that. Being able to stay close to my family and friends, and have them at every game is a good feeling.

JW- Will you actively recruit other locals and try to persuade them to follow in your footsteps? If so, who?

DY- I’ll recruit to a certain point. Throughout my process I feel like I wasn’t pressured and was able to make a decision for me. I want the same for all the other players locally. However there are still some players I would push for. I would love for Mwani Wilkinson to be a rebel!!

JW- In your opinion, what are your primary strengths as a player?

DY- My primary strengths would be scoring and creating easy opportunities for my teammates.

JW- What are some things you feel you need to work on to get better?

DY- I have to get stronger and more explosive.

JW- What are some of your goals on the basketball court while you attend UNLV?

DY- To make the players around me better and to build a strong chemistry. Teams with a strong chemistry make less mistakes and know which spots on the court to find their teammates at. This will make games easier and give us a run in March Madness.

JW- Besides basketball, what are you looking to get out of your collegiate experience?

DY- I want to major in one of the business programs. I never want to work for anyone else except for myself. I want to be my own boss and own a business one day.

JW- Now that you have chosen UNLV, what is your message to Rebel fans?

DY- To trust the coaches and players that are there and that are coming there. They all know what they are doing, and be ready for them to change the program around!!!