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“The Last Dance” or “The One and Only Michael Jordan”



With this COVID-19 keeping all of us on lockdown and searching for new content to keep us entertained, ESPN will be airing ‘The Last Dance’. A multipart documentary series on the Chicago Bulls dynasty of the 90s.


If you thought Tiger King captivated the nation, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Are we prepared for what’s about to happen to our minds? Is this really gonna happen?

YES, it is, so get ready.

Primarily, the story will center on the Chicago Bulls and how they came to have two separate three-peat title runs in 8 years. But who are we kidding? Honestly, do we even care about the Bulls? NOPE! What this doc series will do is FINALLY allow us to see the unimaginable efforts of one Michael Jordan, who, in typing his name, you need to take up the whole page. Honestly, even that wouldn’t be enough to pay homage to how he and he alone came to win six NBA titles on his own.


The Last Dance Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Dynasty
Courtesy: Chicago Tribune

It will shed light on MJs incredible performances as he single-handedly did everything on the court as a one-man army. Kids today will see that what their fathers have told them over the years doesn’t even compare to what really happened. Well, now we all will be exposed to the TRUTH.

You see, the NBA has gone through three different phases during its existence. Before 1984 when the league was “different,” and what happened back then didn’t count (although the Celtics banners will say otherwise ). Jump forward to 1999 when the game became watered down, filled with a bunch of cry babies who didn’t know how to play the game the “real way.” But there was a time, between 1984 and 1998 (getting teared up just thinking about it) when the game was REAL.

The league was filled with nothing but men and teams had everything to run their operations perfectly. It was a time when players only played for the love of the game. It wasn’t about contracts, shoe deals, commercials, building a brand, or playing with your buddies, Nooooo, The game was what it was always meant to be. Right in its purest form.


This is all thanks to simply one man. A kid from North Carolina.


This was a player who, at even the mere thought of saying his name, makes you ask for permission first. One who uplifted the league and brought it into a new age, setting it on top of a mountain that makes Mount Everest look like a mere sandcastle on a kids’ playground. And did he do all this for his brand? No. Did he do this for fame? No. He did it for what is right and true. He did it for the love of the game. A path we imperfect mortals can only dream a dream of doing. His name is Michael Jordan.

The light shed on this run will give us an understanding that we have never known before. We will see how “one” did everything by himself, zero help, never missed a shot, never lost a game, shot an impossible 100% from the floor, created the three-point shot, and was perfect from the free-throw line. This is the guy who they created stats for due to his performances.

The Last Dance Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Dynasty
(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

Michael Jordan taught Magic Johnson how to pass. He showed Steph Curry how to shoot. If you think Vince Carter could dunk, you should’ve seen the layups he was pulling off in warm-ups. Think Kyrie Irving or Allen Iverson can dribble? Compared to the dribbles at the foul line, they look as though they only have thumbs.

Referees asked him if that play was a foul. His two dunk contest victories came as he jumped off the wrong leg while performing the weakest dunks in his arsenal. He created the no-look pass when he was bored. He learned French in Russian. He’s the one who hid Jimmy Hoffa. He lapped Usain Bolt in a 200m race. He beat Michael Phelps while only using his legs. The stat N/A is used when his numbers couldn’t be counted any higher. He can win at blackjack using only one card.


Imagine if you could, it’s the NBA finals.


Whatever team was fortunate enough to make it to the same court, has their five best players on the floor, all with the dream of being a champion. Then Michael Jordan walks onto the court and says, “this is the end of the road for you, fellas.” Jordan’s mere walk during intros was enough to rattle fear down the spine of his opponents.


The Last Dance Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Dynasty
Courtesy: Associated Press

No one would jump for the opening tip-off due to knowing he would tower over them just standing there with his arm raised. He guarded all five positions, never allowed anyone to score on him, and was the first and only player to win playing one vs. 5. The clock would wait for him to shoot before running out. Players apologized if they ever touched him during games. The league, along with the networks, would ask him what time he wanted to play. He won every game by 25 points, and those were games he didn’t even play the second half.

Although Michael Jordan didn’t play with other teammates on the floor in the postseason or finals, he was the greatest teammate ever in all sports. He never complained, never argued, never lost his temper, and never had a teammate contribute more than 8 points a game. Every team he defeated featured seven Hall of Famers and six future Hall of Famers, and yet, they couldn’t compare to the one-man show.


It was a show that we never saw before, haven’t seen since and will never see again.


His legacy is the trophy on a 20ft mantle in the middle of a ballroom on a white carpet, inside a safe, inside a vault, inside a volcano, in the middle of the ocean. Never to be duplicated, never to be smeared, never to outdone or upstaged. If you created a player In a video game and gave all their stats a 99, you’d be half as decent as MJ was during warm-ups. Jesus prays to him, and the infinity gauntlet can’t even leave a dent or scratch if they went head to head. He made a movie in the mid-90s that is still being nominated for awards yearly due to being the greatest film of all time.

The Last Dance Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Dynasty
Courtesy: SportsMockery.com


Don’t believe me? Think I’m making all of this up out of imagination? You say to yourself, none of this can be true? How can a person accomplish all of this on their own? Skeptical? Then tune in on April 19th to ESPN for “The Last Dance” and find out for yourself. Be a witness. Have your friends on video chat so you can make sure they don’t pass out from this exposure to sheer greatness. DVR it. Pinch yourself while watching it so you can see you are not dreaming.




The title is “The Last Dance” but it should be called, “Michael Jordan: The One and Only”.

The Last Dance  Michael Jordan  Chicago Bulls Dynasty   The Last Dance  Michael Jordan  Chicago Bulls Dynasty

The Last Dance  Michael Jordan  Chicago Bulls Dynasty   The Last Dance  Michael Jordan  Chicago Bulls Dynasty

The Last Dance  Michael Jordan  Chicago Bulls Dynasty   The Last Dance  Michael Jordan  Chicago Bulls Dynasty

The Last Dance  Michael Jordan  Chicago Bulls Dynasty   The Last Dance  Michael Jordan  Chicago Bulls Dynasty

– Kalani Lua – Franchise Sports Media

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