UNLV introduces New Head Football Coach Marcus Arroyo



Oregon’s offensive coordinator, Marcus Arroyo, was officially introduced to the UNLV community as the new head coach on Friday, December 13th. Coach Arroyo’s introduction occurred on a day that is considered, by many, to be a sign of bad luck, but it was anything but a bad day. Ask those in attendance, and you’ll hear that he had won the day. Coach Arroyo discussed his vision for the Rebel football program and his goals for the team in the seasons ahead.

His press conference gave fans a sign of hope for the future of Rebel Football. Arroyo addressed the crowd, some of which were UNLV alumni, NFL Alumni, and a plethora of representatives from various departments across campus, from journalism to education to law. With this presser, the Arroyo era had officially begun at UNLV in the eyes of the audience. However, Arroyo would say that his time at UNLV started when he first interviewed for the job.

Arroyo said there is no reason that UNLV cannot be an elite program with the new facilities, including the Fertitta Football Complex (the venue in which he was introduced), and Allegiant Stadium that UNLV will share with the Raiders beginning in 2020. Many UNLV coaches have come in with nothing to work with, but the Arroyo era is different as he will have a full toolbox, plus more money for his support staff.

Coach Arroyo said that his support staff would be determined once he has had a chance to sit down with the current coaches and decide whether or not he will keep them. He also noted that he had met with the current players on Friday morning and that he will work to re-recruit the guys that are currently in the locker room before recruiting new guys that “are not in the building.” Coach Arroyo noted he did talk to some recruits, but does not want to do it all at once. He alluded to the fact that he wants to build personal relationships with each one instead.

He also noted that the program would start to win by building a “culture that is founded in accountability and toughness.” He stated that the 2020 season began when he first met with the players.

To win at UNLV, he says, “We will recruit at a very high level, the goal is to compete for championships, we will block out the naysayers, together as fans, as a city, administration, and press. We will do that. We will build a winner, a winner that will last, with enthusiasm and passion.”

One of his recruits, Oklahoma State running back Chuba Hubbard, finished eighth in the race for the 2019 Heisman Trophy. Coach Arroyo had found him in a small city in Alberta, Canada, dually noting that he will recruit at a high level in regards to the type of players that he will target at UNLV. He pointed out that every level (Power-Five, Group of Five) of recruiting is different in regards to the players that you target. Noting that the transfer portal is one avenue that he will use.

To get players locked into UNLV and the future of the program, one of the key selling points was the building that he introduced himself in, the Fertitta Football Complex. Arroyo said that it is what drew him here and, “this is what will draw great athletes here.”

Coach Arroyo not only addressed his recruiting in his introduction presser. He also highlighted his offensive philosophy by saying that he will be involved in the offense and that they will play a “tough and exciting brand of football.”

The debut for new head coach Marcus Arroyo at UNLV does not begin until Saturday, August 29th, when the Rebels take on the California Golden Bears in their first-ever game at Allegiant Stadium. The time has yet to be determined.





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