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On a day like today, I have to dig deep. Like, do I have any beef today? The Raiders beat the Chargers and are box office entertainment, win or loss. The Cowboys and Chiefs lost again. The Niners have a full leg up on the whole NFC regardless of what happens tonight, but you’re a fool if you think the Seahawks are getting out of The Bay with a win. Manchester United balled out for the first time since the season started. USC “played to win the game” barely, but got the W against Herm and Arizona State and…


Take a whiff of that. Now repeat it… Alabama lost. College football’s second-best declaration… right behind “Notre Dame lost.” Pain on Nick Saban’s face is something beautiful to behold. The poor man is just pitiful when he loses. I love it. As the cameras pan over the crowd and you see the sheer terror of “The Machine,” you realize that this is some of the worst shit that can happen to these people right along with Cam Newton and President Obama. Their beloved team has taken another L on the big stage, and for some reason, they’re not adjusting well.

See Dabo.

How soon we forget. Clemson is a regular tapper of that ass, right? Did we believe that they were the only team that could do it? I think not, and here is where the beef starts. Speaking of Dabo, when is the last time the Clemson Tigers lost a game? You mean to tell me somebody put four teams before them? How Sway? Clemson is the reigning defending National Champion. I don’t give a damn how they played against North Carolina. They beat North Carolina. They’ve beaten every team they’ve played in the last two seasons.

The Tigers have lost four games since 2015, but the committee put FOUR TEAMS ahead of them in the initial CFP ranking. Two of those four lose the following week. The SEC has three good teams. Those three teams play each other, and 2 of them lose a game. It’s always been that way. Take your pick, plug, and play. Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Georgia, and Florida. By the time we get to the end of the year, there’s one of them left standing. They have a championship game. There are more than three additional championship games. Get it? The “best” 4 teams should all be champions. We have to do better. 

Like 8-team playoff better. Five power conference champions and the 3 best records behind them. You’ll still get your beloved “2 teams from the SEC.”


Lakers Monday Morning BeefMoving on. I got beef with AD getting hung two weeks ago on that dunk. Man… when I saw it, I swear I felt it myself. A couple of months ago, I hyperextended mine in the gym while snapping a high pulley in place. It was that same movement too. Shit still hurts and affects the range of motion. I said it when I saw it, “This will bite the Lakers in the ass.”  For all the fluff he’s taken, Rob Pelinka has assembled a hell of a squad.

This is a new NBA. There will be no perfect teams. There will be lots of good ones. The Lakers have the best one. The only thing that can beat them in a seven-game series is the health of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Hit the sports bars and books during Laker games in Sin City. It’s real. It’s 2019, and the NBA is not the superman league anymore. The stars fall down, man. Think about it. Start at Kobe’s Achilles’ just for timing. How many NBA stars have had to spend MAJOR time off due to injury? Start naming, and you’ll be shocked.

Laker Nation… We need to pray


And now this… It’s the home stretch at Sam Boyd. I need to speak to the city of Las Vegas right quick. UNLV Football returns this Saturday, and their city should return with them. 2 winnable games in the stadium that has represented the most entertaining sport in America for this city. We need to have two Las Vegas-style going away parties. C’mon man!

NOBODY parties like us! I’ve been around the world, performing for thousands of people who were drinking gallons of alcohol. NOBODY PARTIES LIKE US. Come to the stadium for the next two weeks. Get there early. Bring the grill. Let’s will these Rebels to two wins and close Sam Boyd in style. Next year we’re gonna have to learn the responsibility of the 12th man. We may as well go to the training camp early.

Hey Rebs…

Monday Morning Beef rebels vs arkansas stateLight your butt pads on fire. We wanna see a sideline full of crazed dogs, foaming at the mouth. Defense. Hit every fucking thing you see that ain’t from Las Vegas. Punish. Stain the Rainbow Warriors with red, silver, and black bruises. Make them never forget the last time they came to Sam Boyd Stadium. I’ll be on the sidelines. I’ll know if you’re hitting or not. ????

Show this city what they can expect at Allegiant on Saturdays next year. Show the Mountain West what’s about to happen to it. Don’t let Hawaii or San Jose believe they have a shot in hell after the first quarter. Hit them. Make them sub when they don’t want to due to pain. Dish out pain on every fucking play.

Offense. Pour it on. Pound that Chuck Wagon until you’re running through hamburger meat. Body blows. Listen to them. You’ll hear them grunt. You’ll see it in their eyes when they don’t want it as much. You’ll see them bring that help down over and over. Let them. Pound them some more. Right when they least expect it, bombs away young Oblad. BOMBS AWAY! 2 wins, and we get a free trip up north to hunt wolf.

I had a lotta coffee since I started writing this, but you can use it Coach Skip. We won’t charge you. ????


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