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Beef this week starts just like last week. But way worse and way different. Now let me make this make sense… Alabama really lost. Anybody who knows me knows that I absolutely detest the Crimson Tide. I have an affinity for their misfortune. Nothing gets me going like the face Nick Saban makes when he’s getting his ass handed to him. We don’t get to see it often, but when we do, its the best thing in sports. I call it the “Dabo Face.” You know that face he had across from Coach O last week? Yeah, that one…


New Monday Morning Beef - Week 11 | Franchise Sports MediaThat being said, Saban’s face on Saturday at the sight of his Heisman hopeful Quarterback screaming in pain didn’t make me happy at all. That was sad. My first thought is to hope that the kid is ok. Honestly, he’s a beast. I wanted him to be a Trojan so bad, and when he picked Alabama, I was a real hater.

The ball comes out of Tua Tagovailoa’s hand beautifully. It’s just different. I fell into the same pit as most people. Had the game gone as planned, we wouldn’t question it, but when something like this happens, our human nature causes a reaction. My reaction was, “What the hell is that kid doing in that game with that score at that juncture?”

It’s a good question.

Is it a fair one? I don’t know, but I think so. Some student-athletes are bigger than your University. Magic Johnson was gonna be Magic Johnson regardless of Michigan State vs. Indiana State. Kobe became The Mamba without a Duke uniform. Christian McCaffery and Nick Bosa had plans that were bigger than Stanford and Ohio State, respectively. They took flack for how they chose to execute those plans. As we speak, they are two of the best in the NFL at their positions. I’m not talking about every player. I’m talking about Tua-type players.

I’d love to pile on Nick Saban…

I can’t do it. It’s system-wide. Most of the better programs have kids that need run. When it’s 35-7, let them get some run. If you have a starter that has a first-round grade, the most important thing to the program is his well being. Sit them down when you’re blowing a team out. Bama lost the National Championship last week. It was over after they lost to LSU. They’ve played nobody. The focus should have shifted to Tua being the number one pick. I honestly believe it did, and Saban stayed at the crap table one roll too long. Prayers up for Tua.

UNLV took the air out of ya boy Saturday.

New Monday Morning Beef - Week 11 | Franchise Sports MediaYou know that little dog that will fight you until you kill him? I like that little dog. That was supposed to be the Rebels. I saw them at the beginning of the season, and I was like, “Joe! These cats are big and fast!” He was like, “Yep!” We were gonna have a hell of time documenting the birth of “The New U.”

Saturday at Sam Boyd the vibe was different. The Rebels were different. The defense came out like the Ravens, and I was fucking happy. The weather was perfect and Hawaii was jacked in the visitor stands. Las Vegas was about to have a real Mountain West battle. The UNLV defense came out playing as if somebody owed them money.

Then it all falls down.

I was born in Alabama on the other side of the plain. War Damn Eagle. I’ve seen this playbook so many times. Between Bo Jackson and Cam Newton, there was a long period of no offense for the Auburn Tigers. They’re in that period again, and so are the Rebels. It’s disheartening man. By the third quarter, the sideline was deflated. I was deflated. That last interception took my heart out. I couldn’t muster anymore. I put the camera up and was ready to go.

Losing is never easy. Too much losing is unbearable. I hear the fans, and they want this team to be good so bad. A winning season out here would completely change the game. Look at the Golden Knights. Win for Las Vegas, and Las Vegas will ride for you. It’s college football. We gotta find a way to win at all costs. I’m not gonna go into specifics, players, coaches, or any of that. I’m only gonna say this…

Win Saturday.



Click the link below to buy tickets for the Last Game at Sam Boyd Stadium

UNLV vs San Jose State – Saturday, November 23rd, 1:00 pm


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