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WTF was that shit? Are you guys still asleep? Did you even make it to the game? I mean, I can’t remember the last time I saw lousy everything. Coaching, offense, defense, and special teams were all equally terrible. The Raiders were so bad I don’t even want us to give out game balls this week. Just fucking skip it. That was embarrassing. The Jets looked like us. We looked like UCLA.

When guys weren’t dropping balls, DC was getting them killed throwing passes into traffic. Jamal Adams was laying the wood on everything silver. We couldn’t block anybody. It was just a trash effort across the board. There could be a couple of reasons this went like this, so I’m just gonna speculate a little bit, cool?

The Raiders are pretty bad when they travel to the east coast and play the early game.

Every time I see it on the schedule, I ready myself for the bullshit. That being said, I did not expect to lose to the Jets. This game in this time slot always comes with stupid mistakes and a lack of execution. Today the Raiders looked like they were running in mud: no speed, no fire, and no push.

Gruden inexplicably doesn’t challenge on a clear first down but decides to on the following play when it was CLEAR that the runner was short of the stick. How many passes did the Raiders drop? What was our kick returner doing? Is he practicing for “Dancing With The Stars?” There’s something to be said about that trip east. It’s always wack. Yesterday it was really wack.

I like it a lot better when we get no respect.

All this talk about playoff contention and number one rookie classes is fodder. I don’t wanna hear it. “Pro football has passed Gruden by, and Mike Mayock is a novice.” Remember that? I’m quite sure we’ll have a refresher during the morning sports rounds this week. Over the last month, there’s been this love affair with these new Raiders. All of a sudden, they’re being spoken of as contenders for the division THIS season… C’mon man!

The Raiders aren’t ready and aren’t supposed to be ready. We have the Bears’ first pick and our own. We will have a draft that’s a lot like the draft we had this year: the draft that completes the culture rebuild. The Raiders also have a ton of money going into the offseason. We don’t need to win any more games. We need to pack it in and let the talking heads go back to laughing at us.

My definition of packing it in is NOT what we did yesterday.

Beat Kansas City once. Beat Denver and the Chargers twice, respectively. Win the last two games in the Black Hole, and throw The Town the biggest party it has ever seen. The city of Oakland deserves it. This is the way we round out this season. But we’re talking about playoffs? Playoffs??? I don’t believe the Raiders are talented enough to win a Super Bowl this year. If they have the talent, they don’t have the reps.

Jon Gruden’s system requires two years of reps even to get a grasp of what’s happening and, more importantly, WHY it’s happening. Derek Carr, for the most part, has been masterful this year, and the o-line seems to have turned the corner. This is all because of reps. The Raiders need more reps.

Oakland will have beef with this statement, but this is a Las Vegas thing now.

Have you guys seen this black glass spaceship being built on the other side of the 15? Have you seen the plans for the different tailgating spots? Have you heard anything about the new Raider game day activities in Sin City? Las Vegas and the Raiders are planning a Bourbon Street type party before and after every home game. This will be the premier destination for NFL fans to come and watch their teams get whooped after a weekend of the most fun an adult can have… legally… mostly. Get it?

You know the old movie line “If you build it they will come?” Well, Las Vegas is here. Los Angeles is on its way up I-15. Oakland is buying out Southwest flights from September 2020. Raider Nation is about to show you the full power of the most excellent fan base in sports. The Raiders are a next year thing. We don’t really need the playoffs…

We need to beat Kansas City this Sunday though. I’d rather move the Beef to another subject next week.

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