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My Monday Morning Beef…


This weekend was a tale of two opposite days. Saturday was glorious! Sunday… not so much. I got beef with Sunday. Before I get into all that, it’s the Thanksgiving beef, so it’s a roast with some gravy. Saturday was gravy!

Meet the late-great Ray Ray…

monday morning beefRay Ray was an on-air personality at a little radio station in Mobile, Alabama called 93 BLX “The Beat of the Bay.” He was also the uncle of Raider Hall of Shamer Jamarcus Russell. ???? When Ray Ray was alive, he’d start Monday mornings off with a glorious song about the weekends’ activities. This song would brighten the days of those of us “against the machine.” This wonderful song traveled up to The Plains and over to Baton Rouge. It made it to College Station, and I heard it’s played at the Allen N. Reeves Football Complex every morning for breakfast up until today. The name of the song was…

“Alabama Lost.”

I loved it. Every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, a line goes down the middle of my family. It’s the rivalry I’m the most passionate about even though there are teams and sports that I like way better. There is no rivalry like Alabama versus Auburn. Understand this. There is nothing happening in the state of Alabama. When I say nothing, I mean NOTHING. There are no pro sports. There are no other D-1 universities worth mentioning for any reason. Everything is more intense because everybody is kin. ????

When Auburn plays Bama, you may not be able to buy gas, depending on where you live in the state. In every other rivalry, there’s something else going on within the vicinity. Not this one. Stakes were lower than they’ve been in years. I was no more ecstatic Saturday than I was during the “Cam Comeback” or the “Kick Six!” When Auburn kicks Alabama’s ass, I feel no pain!!! In the words of the late great Ray Ray, we sing “Alabama Lost!” In the words of Bo Jackson, Cam Newton, and Pat Dye, we say WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!! Watch the CFP with the rest of us!

The Cannon is Red.

monday morning beefSpeaking of rivalries… I wanted UNLV to beat Reno deep in my soul. The last couple of weeks have been tough for the program. This team cared about Tony Sanchez. I could see that from the sidelines throughout the season. It was the main reason I didn’t want to see him go. The Rebels have some raw talent that needs to be coached up a bit. I figured this would be the season Tony could focus on Football instead of being a CEO. This guy can coach football, but he had to sacrifice so much time raising money and running the program that something had to give. With the Fertitta Complex now finished, I felt he’d be able to put his finger on the X’s and O’s this coming season.

It wasn’t to be.

What was to be was a trip to Reno for one last stand. Though the game was marred with a postgame brawl, UNLV held on and did what they needed to do to bring the Fremont Cannon back to Las Vegas. The lasting view for me from the game was Tony running to the UNLV section throwing up the “LV” one last time. The Wolfpack was fuckin pissed. Lol, that’s the way they should always be. Good job, boys! Good season linebackers!

Good luck Coach Sanchez! Thank you!

Along came Sunday… The Niners lost a close one where I figured they’d get blown out. Damn a moral victory, but 10 am in Baltimore against the monster that is LoJack, and the 49ers escape the beef. If they see the Ravens again this season, it won’t be in Baltimore, bad weather, or at 10 am. Shanahan and Salah have some tape. The Niners win that game. The Ravens defense can do no better against our O than we can against theirs. Next time we key down on Jackson on RPO’s, and we got this. Mark Ingram and the Baltimore receivers ain’t ready…

But now I got beef.

Collectively, Manchester United, the Lakers, and the Raiders looked like stir-fried buffalo shit on Sunday. United is in a rebuild, I understand. Let’s start that rebuild by not allowing Fred back on the pitch. There are kids that play in LAFC’s parking lot that can do a better job. To change a culture, you need to change some scenery. Manchester is a beautiful place. Fred, Ashley Young, Phil Jones, Rojo, Lingard, Matic, and a few others ruin the scenery. If I’m a player even thinking about playing for United, when I see these cats in the shirt, I wanna go elsewhere! If we’re trash anyway, let’s run with the kids and see what we’ve got!

The Lakers may need to wake up a bit.

Naturally, it’s about the playoffs. It was a Sunday when the NFL was commanding all attention, and the team is in a comfortably seated posted atop the league. It was probably time for a sleepwalk. Nevertheless, we don’t need fodder. Don’t lose by double digits. We don’t wanna hear that shit for two days. When the threes ain’t falling, stop shooting them. If the defense is where we’re hanging out hats this year, it can not be a part-time job. Clean it up Lake Show… not that I’m worried.

And now this…

Game Balls: Raiders vs JetsHey Raiders… two weeks in a row of this shit? What in God’s name is the problem? We’ve been mauling people all year. Why are the Jets and Chiefs in our backfield so much? Do we have a receiver that still has the God-given ability to run? Can anybody get open? Do we have ANY SPEED at the receiver position? Do we see why Gruden tried so hard to land Antonio Brown now? Talk about THE missing piece… Will the dumb penalties on third down EVER stop? I swear I remember Bo Jackson and Marcus Allen sulking back to the sideline after great third-down short-yardage conversions being called back for penalties. That was thirty years ago. Nothing has changed.

The curious case of Derek Carr.

I don’t know what to make of it. This guy has all the intangibles. He’s big, athletic, smart, and accurate. But the Derek Carr interception is the worst in football. I always ask myself, what did he see there??? What was he looking at? Then I come back to earth like ”NOBODY IS OPEN!” He either forces it to make a play or free up the box, or he throws every ball away. It’s a lose-lose situation, but when the check-down is there, you gotta use it! The ”dink and dunk” adjective is annoying, but so what! Play field position and stay in games!

I do believe our quarterback lost a piece of himself with that broken leg. I hope he finds that piece over the next four games. Hate me all you want, but he needs to ball out in a 1-3 record to close this season. The three losses are about Las Vegas. We need draft picks. That one win is for The Town. December 13th is bittersweet because the last game at the coliseum is versus Myles and the Jags, but they don’t need it.

Derek Carr needs it. Oakland needs it. Raider Nation needs it.

Get that win or get this beef.

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