My Monday Morning Beef…


Big BEEF with Antonio Brown… STRICTLY because I’m a Raider fan. I’m always about the player under normal circumstances. Do whatever you can to force your way because the league could care less about you really… That being said, don’t be a ho about it. “Coach… I don’t wanna play for the Raiders. I’m a veteran. Like a man, I’m here to tell you that the Pittsburgh Steelers broke my heart and as you guys can tell I’m an emotional guy. I need to get them back. I’m too old for this team, Coach. This is my chance to win the Superbowl now. I’ve already spoken to Bellichick and we’re all running out of time. You guys keep the money and just let me go. The timing ain’t right.”

John Gruden, with a 10-year contract, a new Black Hole next season, a license to rebuild, and a good looking draft, would’ve obliged I believe. But instead, you pull every wack move you can possibly pull outside of being a man and speaking to a man. More than ever in history, if you don’t want to be a Raider, please leave. After going so far as to post a private convo with the coach, I wonder what would’ve come next? Maybe faking some kind of domestic issue? ????

I’m glad they got wind of the shenanigans and waited to release him until he’d be ineligible to play vs the Steelers last night. Later homie. You’ll see them in the playoffs and karma is a muthafucka. It’s coming for the Pats and it’s coming for AB. #tuckrule #blackandyellowblackandyellowblackandyellow. Beef below.

Enough about that…

Julio Jones is and has been the best receiver in the league since he got to the league. I’m glad the Falcons understand that. I wish they understood how to throw the ball to him. Every single team that passed on Myles Jack wishes they had him today. (Not yesterday though… he would’ve been in the showers. ????????‍♂️????) Let this be a lesson to every young player. Work hard and be men. STFU, do your job and put the team first… This is the easiest route to the bag. Congrats to my family. Y’all deserve it. You’ve put the work in since you were little kids and now you’re both the best kind of men. #SALUTE!

I’m beefing with everybody that acts like Lamar Jackson can’t throw the ball. Stop being stupid. The stereotype gets old. Just because you’re black and can run, doesn’t mean you can’t throw. Flipside: the best running back in the league is McCaffery. If he was black, more people would agree with that. It’s the world we live in… Both players to the Pro Bowl this season. Book it. 

I’ve get Monday Morning Beef when Serena loses a final. Shows people shes human… Compton only makes superheroes. The Niner defense is fast this year. They’ll have their best season since Harbaugh, but that ain’t saying much. Cowboys… Wait for the accident. Would the Cleveland Browns join hands with the Pittsburgh Steelers and PLEASE be quiet? Thank you. Raiders vs Broncos tonight in the hole… Ah, the sweet sound of regular-season AFC West football… How sweet it is!

I’m gonna save my USC talk for next week as we have the tendency to win and lose when we shouldn’t. See me after BYU.

UNLV Football needs a wake-up call. Maybe it was a bad week. It happens. But the intensity has to go up. This team has a lot to play for and a lot of great things happening for this program. It’s the last year at Sam Boyd. There’s pride to be taken in that. Next year you will have the absolute best college football stadium in the country. All eyes on you. It’s time to raise the bar across the board. The team is big, strong, and fast. The issue is simple execution. You’re more than good enough to compete in the Mountain West. Tighten up. Dig deep. Make a bowl game this year. You’re more than capable…

Go Rebels!

Meanwhile, the Dodgers have me biting my fingers. I was waiting on some kind of slump for lack of a better word. I’m beefing with my pitching staff getting touched up so close to the playoffs. I am NOT trying to be the Buffalo Bills of baseball. It’s time for an all-blue parade in Los Angeles. Way overdue… Kenley. Please bruh. Help me out here! On that note, I’m beefing with DirecTV and Spectrum… The majority of us can’t watch the Dodgers on TV… Still. That’s ridiculous.

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