My Monday Morning Beef…

Monday Morning Beef Monday Morning Beef


Beef this week starts with these bogus NBA greatest player and best current player lists. 

Y’all serious???

The disrespect for LeBron James and Kobe Bryant respectively causes me to ask some serious questions about the motives of the creators of these “lists.” Is the hate for these two based on something they’ve actually done or 2 particular colors that they wear? Let’s examine this a bit. If you’re of age to be writing, voting, content creating, or making decisions for these particular platforms, Royal Purple and Old Gold has been a large part of your sports experience for your time here on earth.

The King is ingrained into the first week of June as much as the last day of school was. Kobe won 5 out of 7 chips and Magic won 5 out of 9. Between the Lakers and LeBron, most of your NBA Championship experience is covered. One of the 2 entities was involved in the final series of the season for the majority of your life.


Thus the hate…

New Monday Morning Beef - Week 4Bron ain’t the best player in the league and Bean ain’t even in the top 10 all-time. Get the royal fuck outta here. All blatantly ridiculous. LeBron James is the best player in the league and has nothing to prove regarding this fact. He is the best until he’s dethroned by something other than a groin muscle. The fact that this has to be said makes me feel great about an MVP run for a rested and pissed-off King.

Man the disrespect…

Kobe Bryant is the 3rd best player to lace them up. Put MJ and Kareem at 1 and 2 however you wanna slice it and let’s argue briefly. You have a case for Magic? Wilt Chamberlin? Who else? No one. GTFOH. The hate for Kobe is way over the top and unwarranted. It’s kinda like y’all forgot…

But you didn’t forget. Certain pain you don’t forget and that’s why you use whatever means you can to shut down Laker glory. The Lakers have caused you all immense pain at some point in your miserable basketball lives and this is how you get us back. Well, enjoy yourself… This is the last summer for that shit. We got next…


We played some football this weekend huh?

New Monday Morning Beef - Week 4 | Franchise Sports MediaAt least the Raiders did. It’s a rare occasion that we can travel east, play the early game and come out victorious, but Chucky and the boys got it done. Coming out firing off the script correctly bodes well for the Raiders to get the whole team into a rhythm.

Sunday’s 1st-quarter execution was a thing of beauty and the formula for a tough run of games away from Oakland. Burfict getting ejected was a big loss, but the Raider defense held their own in the first half. There is a recipe for disaster with this team though. Defensive depth is not at a level where we can afford short offensive drives and 3 and outs.

Our defense gets gassed from being on the field too long and it shows up in the second half. We have to figure out how to pound the rock and control the clock a bit better to protect an athletic defense. The Raider D flies around. They can play. It’s just not enough of them at the moment. For the time being Josh Jacobs is the protector. I can’t wait to see this guy with a year of this scheme under his belt. It was a good win for the silver and black.


Um… Not so much for the UNLV Rebels.

UNLV vs Wyoming UNLV FootballI got beef with College Football this weekend. It was tough to bear. UNLV made Wyoming look like Alabama. USC fell to the “Clemson of the West,” (yeah fuckin’ right) in the Washington Huskies. Both were bad performances riddled with silly mistakes and what looked like huge lapses in focus for both teams. A bit of time around these programs and it’s hard to put a finger on what’s not getting across and why.

The Rebels absolutely have the horses to compete in the Mountain West, yet they continue to come up short. USC has all the talent to do the same in the Pac-12. I’ll give them a slight pass for being down to the 3rd string QB, but not a big one. This guy isn’t your average 3rd-string QB. It’s gonna take some soul searching to get through the next stretch of the season.


I got beef with this same old Fall feeling…

Call me whatever, but this is getting old. I’m not trying to be the Buffalo Bills of baseball. After a dominating season, why am I once again feeling like the Dodgers won’t fair too well in the postseason? I’m not so worried about the NL, but that American League is full of murderers…

New Monday Morning Beef - Week 4 | Franchise Sports MediaIt’s looking like we’ll be giving up home-field advantage to them which is completely troubling for me. Yes, I have a cake baked for the Houston Astros and I hate the Yankees, but it felt a lot better when the Dodgers had the best record in baseball and everybody had to come through Chavez. Feels a bit different now… Dave Roberts has to earn his money this October.

This is it. 

Monday Morning Beef



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Monday Morning Beef