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Beef this week is with a phenomenon that is taking over FOOTBALL around THE WORLD. It is the thing that makes the sport(s) as exciting as they are today. This thing is leaving boys and girls. It’s endangered. When we see it happen correctly and consistently these days, we lose our minds. It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread! We call the executors “goats.” We rewind and watch again because it’s so beautiful to experience… It leads me to ask the question.

What is happening to the forward pass?

As an American who travels the world, I understand and respect that there are 2 “Footballs”. Here at home, we call one of them Soccer but we’ve been overruled so I only do that for Americans. What I am recognizing in both is that the inability to pass the ball forward seems to be a problem that starts early. I’m trying to figure out why. I have some theories but they may be influenced by a bit of rage. For now, I’ll focus on some observations.

Bro… What’s wrong with your neck?

New Monday Morning Beef - Week 5 | Franchise Sports Media - The Home of Las Vegas SportsDoes it move? The defense in front of you doesn’t believe it does and neither do any of us watching you on TV. I want you to take off your helmet and show me that you can look to the right and left. Your fans would like it much better if you wouldn’t stare at that receiver like he’s gonna get open in the next 8 seconds. He’s not. In 8 seconds you’re gonna be getting up off your ass in a place somewhere behind where you hiked the ball. Mind you, you had open receivers all over the place.

Let’s not do that… You were taught to look left and right before you cross so you don’t get hit by a truck. It’s kinda the same deal here. Get it? Whether it’s coaching, O-Line technique, or straight-up fear, the question has to be asked. “Bro… Can you even read?”

In England you’re reminded at crosswalks…

New Monday Morning Beef - Week 5 | Franchise Sports Media - The Home of Las Vegas SportsMaybe that’s written on the asphalt for Americans and tourists who drive on the other side of the street? I don’t know. I do know that Manchester United Football Club doesn’t give a fuck. They don’t have a neck problem. They can’t fucking see. Who does Ashley Young pass the ball to? Is that person somewhere on the pitch? In the stands? In his dreams? How about Fred? Does he know the point of all of this is to pass the ball forward? Does Ole Gunnar not understand that Fred does not understand this? Can someone please tell them both?

Try this challenge and you’ll have the issue with MUFC.

Take your pick. Falcao, Martial, Rashford, Lukaku, Ibrahimovic, or Alexis as your forward with Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles in your Midfield. Both of them are blind and one of them is dead. Now let’s play. This is the new Manchester United. The fix is to replace either the blind guy OR the dead blind guy with Paul Pogba. Um.. That’s cool but aren’t we leaving something out? This is what has happened to the forward pass. This run of games has been painful to watch. Let’s not get relegated, and when you spend this next billion dollars worth of profit, get some guys in here that can complete a forward pass. Please.

Meanwhile, Back in America… 

Monday morning beef tqWhen we hear crickets on Monday morning in this country, it’s because the Dallas Cowboys got their asses beat. Now everybody can enjoy their week. Take in the nice Autumn weather in America without having to hear a bunch of posers talkin’ bout their garbage team going to the Superbowl. Shut up. Same old Cowboys. Y’all ain’t going nowhere. Raiders won. Chiefs lost. 49ers are undefeated. All is well in the NFL as both of my teams will still have winning records for at least the next 2 weeks.

But college football?

Not so much. Bo knows nothing at Auburn. Bo’s neck is broken. As long as that’s the case, Auburn will suffer. Same problem at UNLV. The same problem at USC. See the first paragraph. I’m done with it. My biggest problem is Notre Dame right now. I’d rather bite into a wild cactus than to lose to them and at the moment, I’m not feeling too good about the situation.

 Catch the professional baseball contest last night though???

New Monday Morning Beef - Week 5 | Franchise Sports Media - The Home of Las Vegas SportsOh yeah, no beef with the boys in blue. That’s how you get the job done! The Nationals have a real pitching staff but when the blue bats get hot, they really get hot. When they’re swinging like they were last night there isn’t a pitching staff in the bigs that can stop them.???? But when they’re cold, they’re freezing. They can’t hit a play button. And the Kershaw factor worries me now when it used to be a comfort to know we could start him 2 games in a series. Those days are over. Can we win a World Series with this #22? We can if Walker Buehler pitches like the old #22. Go Dodgers!

Monday Morning Beef

Monday Morning Beef  Monday Morning Beef

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Monday Morning Beef