My Monday Morning Beef…

Monday Morning Beef   Monday Morning Beef

My beef for week 6 begins and ends with the Los Angeles Dodgers. You know… I would make it a point to sing the National Anthem a couple of times a year for my hometown baseball team. I stopped after a run of postseason losses thinking that just by chance, I may have had something to do with a dismal playoff showing that dates back about five years. When I toss it around in my head I come to one conclusion… I was wrong. We are the new “cursed” and it’s not my fault.

New Monday Morning Beef - Week 6 | Franchise Sports Media
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I’m not gonna pile on Clayton Kershaw or Doc Roberts as is the thing to do in Los Angeles media. This is The Franchise. We don’t do it like that. I’m not here for the clickbait. We deal in truth. Truth is, analytics is king in today’s MLB and the process of managing the game these days says nerds and numbers over the eye test. Period. Let them tell it, the numbers created this condition. Trust in the numbers. It’s all about the numbers.

Well I got a problem with the numbers….

See numbers can tell Dave Roberts to go get Kershaw to strike a man out, but for some reason, they don’t tell him to take Kershaw out before he gives up a second home run. So fuck numbers cuz numbers are fucking stupid ok? How bout that? It’s official. We are the new Buffalo Bills. Hate your life now. Anything… and I mean ANYTHING accomplished in the regular season… any broken records, winning streaks, t-shirt giveaways, bobbleheads, the Impossible Dodger Dog, stupid paper straws, trades, or anything else that may happen at Dodger Stadium before October… WE DON’T CARE ABOUT!!!! Period.

You owe us a parade. We don’t wanna hear about anything else.

And now for the curious case of young black men stuck in non-democratic countries being used as pawns for geopolitical power struggles. The NBA’s Chinese experience hit a bit of a snag last week and I got beef with the whole deal. We understand that the NBA is highly invested in China. It’s absolutely the largest concentration of its fan base, so I get it.

New Monday Morning Beef - Week 6 | Franchise Sports MediaWhat I don’t get is not bringing your players home immediately at the first sign of not being wanted. Secure the boys before you secure the bag, please. This is not the same America. Be a bit more cautious. Remember that pro athletes are just “a bunch of SOBs” to the new, great America. Our government would much rather make an example of you than to come to your rescue. I’m glad they made it back without incident. This may change depending on the state of AD’s thumb. ????

I’ve had quite enough of the word “preseason.”

I did say that the San Francisco 49ers would have a helluva squad last preseason though. I was a year and a couple of major injuries too early. Nevertheless, add a Nick Bosa as icing on that cake and “The Faithful” are back on. There isn’t a man in the National Football League itching to play the Niners right now. That my friends, is what you call DEFENSE.

New Monday Morning Beef - Week 6 | Franchise Sports Media
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I come from a different era of football. You could have a great QB and that would serve you well. An all-world wide receiver who could take the top off was also a welcomed addition to any team. But Defense? Defense wins championships. Ronnie Lott, Charles Haley, Ken Norton Jr., and Keena Turner. Primetime, Rod Woodson, and Eric Davis. Fast forward to Pat Willis, Navorro Bowman, and Aldon Smith. For all the Montana, Young and Rice magic, its ALWAYS been the defense that made the Niners go… Look at them now.

Go Niners!

Big beef with USC football… again. I don’t care what almost happened. Consecutive losses to Notre Dame is the worst possible position to be in for any team at any level. If you’re playing Catholic High School table tennis, do not suffer consecutive losses to Notre Dame. My friend Clay Helton, it’s been fun. Unfortunately, it’s time for a makeover. More so than X’s and O’s, its the culture. Losing doesn’t seem to hurt enough. A loss to Notre Dame should hurt for a whole year. Maybe it does… but if so, it shouldn’t keep happening.

New Monday Morning Beef - Week 6 | Franchise Sports Media
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Part of the reason it happens is that California players now go elsewhere to play college ball. These kids now have a rating system on programs just like vice versa. USC’s cool meter has gone way down. It’s time for a rebranding. I don’t wanna see USC players at Bama, Clemson, and Oregon. If USC wins California recruiting, the Pac 12 makes the playoff. Book it. I’m not one to call for jobs but…

USC is in South Central Los Angeles. It’s an “Urban” campus, you dig? ????

Happen to catch UNLV vs Vandy? That’s the kind of Rebel football we expected this year. This team is capable of playing better than what they’ve shown so far. They know it and we know it. The Rebels traveled to SEC country and hit the field with their pants on fire versus Vanderbilt.

Monday Morning Beef Week 6

I love defense. Key-in to the ball during UNLV games this season and you will find Javin White. That kid will find it. He’s a disruptor. From the press box, sideline, and TV this season, when I focus on the ball I see #16 somewhere close to it. If I’m giving out a mid-season game ball for UNLV football, it’s going to Mr. White. Keep it up, kid… We’d love to see you on Sundays!

Now we’ve got a winnable game at Fresno on a short week. Let’s keep this momentum going and get this team into a bowl game. I wanna see Coach Sanchez receive some fruits from his labor and run this team out on the field at Allegiant Stadium next year.


More Beef next week!

Monday Morning Beef  Monday Morning Beef

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Monday Morning Beef   Monday Morning Beef

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Monday Morning Beef   Monday Morning Beef