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Monday Morning Beef
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The Monday after a Raider road game is normally “pile on Derek Carr day” for Raider Nation. Overall, we’re pretty hard on the guy, but I for one have good reason to be. See I don’t believe DC is just some place holder or game manager. I think this guy can be elite. I expect him to be. From the time he sat down with Gruden at the board on ”Gruden’s QB Camp” I said to myself, this dude is different. He can see a field. He’s a learner. He studies. He’s tall, he’s athletic, and he’s got an arm. When the Raiders drafted him, I felt like we stole him.

Fast forward to Sunday… What’s up with Derek Carr?

Monday Morning beef Derek Carr
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I got Monday morning beef with him. Elite QBs don’t make the mistakes DC made yesterday. No, he doesn’t have his #1 receiver, but guys were open yesterday. He didn’t have his best linemen, yet his pocket stayed clean. All the Raider upgrades that aren’t rookies were missing yesterday for one reason or another, but before that fumble, the Raiders were in the game. Bad move DC. That REPEAT mistake created a 14 point swing. It’s the mistake you can’t make against Aaron Rodgers. It’s the mistake Aaron Rodgers doesn’t make. the worst part? It’s a REPEAT MISTAKE!!!!

I actually have more beef with the overthrows before the fumble. Those were first downs. This team as it is has to get a lead. Jon Gruden’s script should score every week. You can’t make silly mistakes though.

Pound for pound, Derek Carr is the best player on this team.

Raiders vs Bears Game balls
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He’s gotta play like it more consistently. That’s the issue. Flashes of greatness are no longer enough. The QB position needs to be solidified for this team right now. We don’t need to leave room for big ideas in the draft, like spending one of our picks on a QB who isn’t as good as Derek Carr.

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have the ability to put their offense on their shoulders and score points. DC hasn’t shown that ability consistently yet and we need to see it. C’mon man. Nobody expected the Raiders to beat A-Rod at home at 10 am… Let’s be real about it. But the script normally puts us in a position to compete. Mistakes take us out… This shit has been going on for years and I’m sick of it. Enough.

I can call out Carr because he’s the leader. He doesn’t hold or interfere on 3rd down though. The Raiders have been doing that shit since he was playing Pop Warner.????

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Anyway, I got beef with the disrespectful treatment of running backs. Let me throw out a couple of names. Dalvin Cook, Christian McCaffery, Leonard Fournette, Nick Chubb, and Josh Jacobs are the top 5 running backs so far this year. See anything missing? Elite quarterbacks. Outside of Cleveland, and even with backup QBs, is anybody itching to play any of these teams? Who’s the best Dallas Cowboy? The Niners are 6-0 IN SPITE OF Jimmy G. It’s a running game by committee and defense in San Francisco.

Go down the line. Ravens, Seahawks, Bills, Chiefs, and most of the better records in the league are there because of the rush. You have 3-4 elite QB’s in this league. That’s it. You wanna win? Get a runner that can catch the ball and a QB that’s smart enough to THROW him the ball. Hey experts, read that again before you start stat-dropping and telling me how wrong I am.

That being said, if you have Julio Jones just throw him the ball.

We have a World Series coming up, the NBA season starting, UNLV football losing again, and Halloween on the horizon. I’m gonna make the statement of the season though. Be ready to argue. Be ready to beef. You ready?


Monday Morning Beef Lamar Jackson
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Lamar Jackson will be the best QB in the NFL in the next 2 years if he stays healthy. He’s gonna rewrite the history books. All he needs is reps baby. Baltimore will win at least 2 championships during his tenure as a Raven and he’ll end up the greatest Raven of all-time. Yep over Ray Ray and Ed Reed. Hall of fame. Retired jersey. Book it.



That kid is the most box office thing on an NFL football field right now.


Monday Morning Beef  Monday Morning Beef

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Monday Morning Beef   Monday Morning Beef