New NFL Uniforms
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Breaking Down All the New NFL Uniforms for 2020


In this time of uncertainty, we do not know if there will be football in the fall–whether there will be minimal fans or no fans at all. Everyone is waiting to see if the NFL will have its season. 


However, while we wait, a few teams gave us something to talk about as there will be a new look on the field for the Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Indianapolis Colts (Well, kind of). These seven teams unveiled some new uniforms and logos in the past few months, and now we’re here to break them down.


Indianapolis Colts


NFL new uniforms
Photo Credit: Indianapolis Colts

We are starting with the Colts because they only made minor changes to their uniforms. They shifted to a more modern look for their wordmark and unveiled a new secondary logo that features a capital “C” with the shape of Indiana in the middle. The new wordmark decal will be placed at the front and back of the helmet, and the new secondary logo will be located at the inside neckline of the jerseys. Also very minor, but the Nike swoosh logo will now be black on the away jerseys instead of blue.



Atlanta Falcons


NFL new uniforms
Photo Credit: Atlanta Falcons

After 17 years, the Falcons decided to change things up in a big way. This new update is all about their Atlanta pride with an “ATL” wordmark big and bold on the chest of the jerseys, just like the Atlanta Hawks. The numbering is bold, with a shadow dropped to the right and side panels going down from the jersey to the pants. They will be wearing all black at home and all-white on the road. 

An alternate jersey, dubbed “Rise Up” that is primarily red with a gradient to black, is what people are talking about the most. Atlanta wraps things up by keeping their 1966 black throwback uniform in the rotation.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers 


Photo Credit: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay decided to change things up at the right time as they look to usher in the Tom Brady era, but they chose to go the safer (possibly smarter) route in deciding to go back to a uniform similar to the one they wore from 1997-2013. Thankfully, the huge hourglass-like numbers are gone, and the Bucs are back to their solid red (with white numbers) and white (with red numbers) primary jerseys. 

They also have their black wordmark on the chest and the modern ship logo on the sleeves. On the helmet, the logo is still a bit oversized, but they did decrease the size of it by 13%. 

The Bucs will also be wearing their pewter uniforms for their color rush games that will feature their red wordmark on the chest with white numbers. A lot of people were hoping they would bring back the “Creamsicle” jerseys but that does not seem to be the case. Hopefully, those can return as a throwback sometime in the future.



New England Patriots


Photo Credit: New England Patriots

Speaking of new eras and Tom Brady, the Patriots are making a change after wearing the same uniforms for 20 years. They liked their color rush unis so much that they upgraded them to their primaries. Their home jerseys are all-navy blue with a wide white stripe outlined in red on the shoulders and the same going down the pants. On the road, they will wear the same pants, but the jersey will instead be white with a blue stripe outlined in red at the shoulders. It is a change that most people call generic and say looks like a high school jersey.





Cleveland Browns


Photo Credit: Cleveland Browns

Thankfully Cleveland did the same as Tampa Bay and went back to their classic looks. The jerseys with the bold “Cleveland” on the chest and numbers with a drop-shadow that only lasted for a few years are gone. Except for their color rush uniforms, which is all brown with orange numbers, the Browns are back to looking like the Browns. Hopefully, they can continue to have this same rotation for the rest of their existence, as the Bears, Cowboys, and Raiders do.



Los Angeles Chargers


Photo Credit: Los Angeles Chargers

Before the change, the Chargers had arguably the best uniforms in football, and luckily that is still the case with their new unis. For starters, they updated their logo by taking away the navy blue outline around the bolt and also lowering the arc of the bolt to make it seem a bit flatter. The new bolt appears on the white-based helmet with the players’ number underneath in powder blue and yellow facemasks.

LA’s home jerseys will be powder blue with white numbers and yellow bolts on the shoulders. On the road, they will wear white jerseys with powder blue numbers and yellow bolts on the shoulders. For both of their primary uniforms, they will have the option to wear either white pants with yellow bolts down the sides or yellow pants with white bolts down the sides.

The Chargers have two colors rush alternate uniforms. The first one features an all royal blue look with yellow numbers and bolts on the shoulders and pants. On the helmet, the yellow bolt is now outlined in royal blue, as well as the numbers underneath the bolt.

LA’s second alternate uniform provides the most contrast from the others, with an all-navy blue look that screams primetime television game uni. The helmet now has a navy blue bolt outlined in yellow, with navy blue numbers and facemasks. There are also navy blue bolts outlined in yellow on the shoulder of the jerseys and down the sides of the pants. The only thing that isn’t navy blue is the white numbers on the jerseys. The Chargers easily walked away with the title of best new uniforms.



Los Angeles Rams


Photo Credit: Los Angeles Rams

Wrapping things up is the other LA team, who unfortunately went in the complete opposite direction with their logo and uniforms. The Rams turned heads (not in a good way) a few months back with their new logo. They completely ditched the legendary Ram horn and helmet logo for a simple logo that just says “LA” with a weird curvature coming out of the “A.” As we all know by now, the logo got a lot of backlash and the organization got a lot of heat for it.

I will admit that it looks like your ordinary news channel logo, but to be honest, it is not the worst logo I have ever seen. (I am looking at the modern 2016 UNLV logo.)

The reason for the new logo was to match the team’s new helmet that featured modern curvature-looking horns. At least the helmet is still blue, and the horn is still yellow. The Rams home jersey will be blue with the same modern horns at the shoulders. The numbers, however, have a gradient of yellow turning into white near the bottom and also feature a new curvy font. 

Near the left shoulder, there is a patch that simply reads “RAMS” in awkwardly-sewn white. Their new logo appears on the back neckline, while their new secondary logo appears on the inside neckline. For the pants, they have the option of wearing blue pants with a stripe that also seems to gradient from white at the top into yellow at the bottom. The other option is to wear yellow pants with a wide blue stripe outlined in white.

On the road, the Rams will wear their “bone” (sandy gray) uniforms. The numbers are curvy and solid blue and are also featured on the shoulders. Also on the shoulders are very thin yellow horns that overlap with the numbers. The logo and secondary logos appear on the necklines in yellow. The random patch near the left shoulder reads “LOS ANGELES RAMS” in blue. The pants are also “bone” with a yellow stripe that is outlined in white.

The team said they have two more uniforms that they won’t unveil until 2021 and 2022, for reasons that they did not say. However, maybe they will choose to push up those unveilings due to the unpleasant feedback they have received. LA could have easily gone with the safe choice and made their beloved throwbacks their primaries, and everyone would have been much happier. But they chose to take a huge risk with this rebrand, and it seems to be backfiring on them pretty badly. Hopefully, they will realize this is a mistake and go back to their throwbacks in a few years, like Cleveland.


What are your thoughts on all of the new uniforms and logos? Let us know in the comments and on social media.


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