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Rebel Vision 21- Brandon Logan- Player Analysis

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FSM’s JaRon Turner is breaking down some of the latest members of the UNLV 2021 recruiting class. Today he analyzes offensive tackle Brandon Logan from Cerritos College in Cerritos, California.


Brandon Logan – 6’6 – 270lbs – Offensive Tackle – Cerritos College

College Offers –  UNLV, Liberty, San Diego State, TCU, Hawaii, New Mexico


Rebel Vision 21
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The 2020 season showed that UNLV lacked strength along the offensive line and was hurt specifically at the tackle position. Other than Justice Oluwaseun, who chose to transfer out of UNLV after having arguably one of the best seasons for an offensive tackle in the Mountain West last season, UNLV had a string of injuries and COVID-19 opt-outs that hamstrung the most important unit on the football team in 2020. However, if the 2020 season showed us anything, Coach Marcus Arroyo and his staff recruit very well. So to address the issues at the offensive line, they went after experienced college players like Brandon Logan.

Logan stands 6-foot-6 and weighs in at 270-pounds. The freshman offensive tackle has one of the most impressive tapes I’ve seen thus far in analyzing the Rebels ’21 recruiting class. This kid’s athletic ability is exceptional for a big man; something needed, especially at the left tackle position (a position that UNLV’s offense had trouble with last season). Logan played both sides of the line, showing ability and knowledge at both positions with his footwork. Through the tape, he shows knowledge of how to pass of stunts, half-man pass blocking– this is where a lineman kicks drop steps in a way that keeps him a half-man inside of the rusher he is assigned to take. He moves well in space on some screens getting out to the next level.

His ability to come off the ball, attack defenders and drive to finish is his most endearing quality as a player. I’ve talked about many an offensive lineman recruit finishing their blocks; that is taking the man that they are assigned to block, and not only getting their hands on them and driving them, but driving or blocking them until the whistle has blown ending the play. This shows that a lineman is either salty or very physical. Brandon Logan throughout his tape is exceptionally physical and frequently finishes his blocks.


While the kid is very talented, and no doubt the UNLV coaching staff has to be ecstatic about the kid committing to UNLV, there are some technical things that Brandon will have to fix or master primarily in pass protection.


His run blocking is superb; he needs only to get bigger and stronger while maintaining the same physical nature in his approach to that aspect of the position. While his pass protection technique needs work with his hand placement, often Logan’s hands and leverage are below average, his footwork saves him because he can keep up with quick and speedy pass rushers. To excel in FBS college football, Logan’s hands will have to be better in terms of striking and positioning while he is dropping back. That being said, his overall technique is good and will help UNLV protect whomever their quarterback is better in 2021 than in 2020.


Overall, Brandon Logan is a good and necessary recruit. His development and implementation into the offense next year will be interesting to see. Since Justice Oluwaseun is not returning, Brandon will find himself in a similar situation as he did at Cerritos, learning both right and left tackle. But whatever the situation, Brandon Logan will be an essential off-season acquisition for the Rebels program.

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