The New XFL: For The Love of Football



Witness the strength of niche marketing…


The bottom line is this: some of us just love American football. We always have, and we always will. The SuperBowl is always a bittersweet affair. The following week is the first weekend in months that we can’t turn on the TV and watch people get hit. That first weekend after the end of the NFL season is downright sad. It feels like next season is so far away.

As a Raiders and 49ers fan, it’s agonizing. The Niners just farted away the SuperBowl, and the Bay Area can still smell it. This black spaceship that the Raiders are building here in Las Vegas excites me more with every piece of black mirror glass they install. I can’t wait till the first kickoff in that place… I can’t wait for DEREK CARR to throw that first bomb and shut yall’s mangy asses up. I can’t fuckin’ wait.

This year is a little different. For these first two weeks, the XFL has done me a great service because I love football. Those of us that played, coached, or even like to play Madden can really be entertained on the weekends for the next two months. I sit and watch football with Joe, and all we do is call out plays and mistakes. We are the ultimate Monday Morning Quarterbacks, and the XFL is providing a great canvas on which to talk mondo trash about missed reads and blown coverages.

I’ll be the first to say that the quality of play leaves a bit to be desired, but the brilliance of hearing the playcalling and player reaction makes that issue tolerable. Here is the truth. A professional quarterback is only a job for a few people in the world.


After two weeks, it’s safe to say that most of them don’t play in the XFL… ????


Quarterback play has been an issue, to say the least, but that’s about it. The game is fast-paced, and there’s no wasted space in the broadcast. The halftime is short enough for you to grab a new beer, drain the weasel, and get a bag of popcorn popping. Not only do you hear the playcalling, but the in-game interviews after bonehead plays are priceless. Landry Jones was out there stinking up the joint and had to talk about it after every bad play. Matt McGloin threw so many people under the bus that the bus is stuck! LA fired its defensive coordinator after week one. WEEK ONE! The XFL is chaos. I’m here for it right now.

The question is, can it last? I’m not sure. I don’t know. I know Vince McMahon has a money printing press of his own. This product is not a gimmick. This is not some WWE spin-off football. Cats are getting lit up out there. A lot of these players still have NFL aspirations, and they are playing for tape. This is more than a check. Speaking of checks, win, and get the bag. Lose and don’t. How you like them apples?

There is a real incentive to perform for a promotion as well as a check. XFL defenses are flying around and making plays. That’s part of the reason that QB play has been so bad. Kudos to the XFL for allowing another chance at pro football for these guys. Some of them still can play. The best thing for me is gonna be seeing a couple of them get NFL jobs next season strictly because they played in this league and showed out.


Naturally I’m rocking with the Los Angeles Wildcats.


They’re a full mess right now. I understand it’s early in the season, but damn we need some reps! More film study? Shit, we need some help! 0-2 in a ten-game season is a terrible look. Josh Johnson is a better quarterback than he showed today. Maybe its rust. As I said, it’s early, but the Wildcats had way too many chances to put Dallas away today. Two fumbles in the red zone are unacceptable.

The defense looked better than last week for most of the game, only to implode in the 4th quarter. Maybe Pepper Johnson wasn’t the problem… can we ask if that was too soon? Come on bros, can we represent the city a little better next week? Please?

In my opinion, the design, the uniforms, the pace, and the presentation have all been A1 for these first two weeks. I’m hoping the QB play catches up in the next couple of weeks. If it does, I believe we have another football league on our hands. Fifteen thousand people coming out to watch non-NFL/non-USC football in LA on a Sunday is kind of like a big deal. I’m sure cities like Seattle and DC will smash the LA numbers.

TV viewership should be above what was expected if McMahon and company were coming in with logical thinking, which they were. They have a forward-thinking commissioner in Oliver Luck, and the evidence of a great marketing plan is everywhere you look.

I’m not here to compare this to the NFL. It’s nowhere close. And if I’m the XFL, I’m gonna keep it that way. Some of us will be watching every weekend regardless…


For the love of football.


-TQ – Franchise Sports Media


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