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Tom Brady: 3 Reasons Why The GOAT Can Succeed and Fail in Tampa Bay


Tom Brady shocked the world and signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during this offseason.


The move left many people speculating whether the Bucs will succeed or fail. There are many reasons this can go either way, but I will discuss the three most prominent. 

Without question, Brady on the Buccaneers can succeed because of the offensive weapons around him. This reason is a no brainer as Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Rob Gronkowski will make up the best offense Brady has had around him in years. Evans has proved himself as a top ten wide receiver in the league and is a three-time pro bowler. He is the Buccaneers franchise leader in receiving yards, touchdowns, and targets. Godwin is also a threat for defenses as he was third in the league for receiving yards last season and caught nine touchdowns.


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Gronkowski and Brady have had Hall of Fame chemistry in the past as Gronkowski is currently third in all-time receiving touchdowns regardless of a short career so far. If he is anything near his former self, this is an upgrade from O.J Howard. Since Brady has helped players such as Danny Amendola and Chris Hogan have their most productive seasons, he can quickly produce with the Buccaneers talented offense.

Another reason Brady on the Buccaneers can succeed is because of his determination. This reason does not seem logical at first, but if anyone has proven what they can accomplish when determined, it’s Tom Brady. After receiving a four-game suspension for deflate-gate, he was hell-bent on winning the Superbowl and on overcoming Rodger Goodell’s sanctions.

That’s precisely what he did. This time around, he must be motivated to prove he can win without Bill Belichick and the Patriots’ system. Even though many players in the NFL are determined to win a Super Bowl, Brady has proven more than anybody that he can succeed when there’s a fire in his eyes. 


Brady on the Buccaneers can also succeed because of the organization’s willingness to give Brady the keys to the pirate ship .


We all know that Belichick was mostly responsible for building the Patriots’ dynasty. Regardless of that being true, many people debate that his authoritarian attitude can hurt the team at times. An example of this is benching Malcolm Butler in Superbowl 52. Listening to Brady and giving him more influence on the team can lead to success. 

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Who knows winning like Tom Brady? He is known as one of the smartest quarterbacks of all time. All indications are that Brady is a player guy that won’t easily vote for a player with some baggage to get benched or cut: I mean, he wanted to keep Antonio Brown on the Patriots! Tom Brady knows winning when he sees it. Tampa Bay seems to have given him the power to help build their roster. He’s lured Gronkowski out of retirement and has worked with the staff on offensive schemes that can lead to more wins.

There is no way a single player’s influence can be worth more than Belichick, but if Brady and Ariens work well together and Brady gets to be more involved in the offense, the Buccaneers can succeed. 


Loks great on paper, but Brady on the Buccaneers has a possibility of failing as well. 


The first point that comes to mind is players sticking around past their expiration date. Brady statistically had a good season last year but showed signs of declining if you use the eye test. He missed a lot of throws he would typically never miss and was less accurate at deep passes than usual. 

He finished the season with a quarterback rating of 88, which was 22nd in the league. The last time he finished with a quarterback rating near that was in 2013. That year was the last of his nine-year gap of not winning a Superbowl. Ever since then, his quarterback rating has always been within or above the high 90’s. 


Even though he was listed as a reason to succeed, Rob Gronkowski can be concerning as well.


Gronk also showed signs of declining during his last season (the 2018 season) as he only had 47 receptions. The only times he has had fewer catches are the seasons he missed significant games due to injury, and his rookie season. He most likely will be better than O.J Howard next season, but it might not be enough to help the Buccaneers succeed. Father time is undefeated against all athletes, and that could lead to Brady on the Buccaneers failing. 

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Another reason Brady on the Buccaneers can fail is coaching. Bruce Arians has had experience in different roles for many teams. Even though this point slightly contradicts the one about Brady having more influence, that might not matter because of the coach for whom he has to play. Arians has only three winning seasons, all with the Cardinals. One of those seasons they made it to the NFC championship with a 13-3 regular-season record (the 2015-2016 playoffs). Although he achieved some success, his recent coaching has not led to a winning record in three years.

The talent can be to blame, as Jameis Winston is not Brady, and the Cardinals’ window was ending, but that past does not look promising for the future. Experience may play a factor, but he is nowhere near as skilled as Belichick at coaching Super Bowl champions. Brady did many things to build a dynasty for the Patriots, but you can’t talk about that dynasty without Belichick, as I mentioned above. Playing without an elite coach or a system like Belichick’s can lead to Brady on the Buccaneers failing, and quickly. 


The last reason that Brady on the Buccaneers can fail is because of the Buccaneer defense.



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Although the Bucs have some talented players on defense such as Lavonte David, Ndamukong Suh, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Shaquil Barrett, they allowed 28.1 points per game last season. That was the fourth most points allowed by any team that year. Their defense will most likely improve without as many interceptions leading the opposing team to good field positioning. Regardless of how much it progresses, it will most likely not compare to the defense Brady had on the Patriots. This downgrade can outweigh his upgrade on offensive weapons, depending on how much worse it is.

A 42-year-old Brady without a good defense can easily lead to a bad Buccaneers team this season.

Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers   Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers   Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers   Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers   Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers   Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers   Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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