Top 57 Greatest UNLV Runnin Rebels of All Time: Part 4


Franchise Sports Media’s UNLV Runnin’ Rebels Basketball insider Jeff Waddilove ranked the Top 57 players in UNLV basketball history. This is the fourth installment of our FSM UNLV basketball series commemorating the 30 year anniversay of the Runnin’ Rebels’ NCAA Championship.



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20. Lewis Brown (1973-77)- “Big Lew” Brown was the 6’11 big man and anchor for the Hardway Eight. A player that could dominate the game like few others, Brown delivered almost 1,300 points and over 1,000 rebounds for the Rebels.


21. Elburt Miller (1966-68)- A native of San Diego, Miller, was a monster athlete and scorer. Miller could dunk with the best of the Rebel greats, but his 55 point outburst against Portland remains the all-time scoring mark for any UNLV player.


22. Mark Dickel (1996-00)- Hailing from New Zealand, Dickel was the extension on the floor of the then-head coach, Bill Bayno. By the time Dickel was a senior, he was 2nd in the nation in assists at 9 per game. He was also named an Associated Press All-American that season.


23. Bobby Florence (1971-74)- One of the best scorers to ever play for Jerry Tarkanian, and that’s saying something. Florence averaged just over 21 points per game for his collegiate career and scored almost 1,700 points while in a Rebel uniform.


24. Danny Tarkanian (1981-84)- At this point, the Rebels weren’t supposed to be all that good. Then Tark handed the keys to his team to a son, Danny Tarkanian. His 6.6 points per game were modest, but his career 8.8 assists per game were what made those UNLV teams tick.


25. Larry Anderson (1979-83)- Another in the long line of tall guards who could score at-will for UNLV. Anderson scored 1,818 career points for Tark and knocked down 48% of his attempts.


26. Jackie Robinson (1973-78)- Would have been the Hardway Eight’s 9th guy if he hadn’t redshirted due to injury the year the team went to the Final Four back in 1977. Robinson pulled down 669 rebounds at UNLV and scored almost 1,300 points.



27. Dalron Johnson (1999-03)- You will be hard-pressed to find a more versatile 6’9 guy in UNLV’s illustrious history. Johnson could score inside, but also knock down jumpers from all over the court. Johnson scored almost 1,800 points as a Rebel, and to this day is UNLV’s all-time shot blocker with 194 rejections.



28. David Butler (1988-90)- Before attending UNLV, Butler was the JUCO Player of the Year at San Jacinto. He then became the starting center for the 1990 national championship team. Butler was a 1,000 point scorer and averaged 15.6 points per game as a Runnin’ Rebel.



29. Shawn Marion (1998-99)- Before he was The Matrix catching lobs in Phoenix from Steve Nash, Shawn Marion was a big leaper, scorer, and rebounder for a lone season at UNLV. For the Rebels, Marion scored 18 points per game, pulled in 9 rebounds, and shot 53%.


Tomorrow on Franchise Sports Media, Jeff will release his top UNLV Runnin’ Rebels #19-10 in the fifth installment of our series. Please feel free to leave a comment in our comment section and let Jeff know your thoughts!

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-Jeff Waddilove – Franchise Sports Media

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