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In case you’ve lost count (Which is understandable given the circumstances), the Rebels just added their 7th commitment to the 2020 class. Devin Tillis is a 6’6 wing out of Los Angeles. He might have some scratching their heads as to why he’s been added to an already full class. He had some offers from schools like Western Oregon, but the first and only D1 program that came calling was UNLV.

I did some digging and spoke to a few people out in the LA area who are familiar with Tillis’ game, and the overwhelming consensus is that Otzelberger scored himself a diamond in the rough. Most fans aren’t going to get excited by a player of that designation, but it’s the intangibles and unique skill-set that piqued my interest regarding the Compton Magic product.

What UNLV is getting is someone who has an extremely high basketball-IQ. Tillis also has a silky smooth jump shot from the perimeter. That jumper is his best tool, but you’re also getting someone who loves to share the ball and do the dirty work. Tillis will go on the block to get you rebounds, and he can also post up smaller guards. In short, he can do it all.

Those I spoke to said that they were “very surprised” that UNLV was the only D1 school to offer him, but that Rebel fans will be satisfied with what they’re getting once they see him in action.

Now that leads to the scholarship situation. Otzelberger has a bit of a problem on his hands; UNLV has too many bodies and not enough openings. There are only three seniors on the team. Counting David Jenkins Jr, Moses Wood, and the 2020 class, you’re looking at nine players for 13 spots. That number can also increase if Mwani Wilkinson stays in Las Vegas for college.

If that wasn’t enough, Otzelberger also stated that every single Rebel on the current 2019-20 roster is “auditioning” for his scholarship. Some aren’t going to make the cut. Who will be the odd-men out? Time will tell, but particular disciplinary actions as of late can give you an idea as to who could be on the chopping block. For now, all we can do is try to make sense of this convoluted addition by subtraction.


Devin Tillis     Devin Tillis     Devin Tillis     Devin Tillis


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