Game Recap: VGK vs Capitals

Golden Knights (30-22-8)  |  Washington Capitals (37-16-5)


Going into Monday’s game against the Washington Capitals, the Vegas hopeful was anxious to see if their Golden Knights could continue their recent play.


With another top tier team coming into the T-Mobile Arena, the Golden Knights, came out inspired and ready to play, taking a 1-0 lead within the first four minutes of the game with a Nick Holden goal. Another Golden Knights goal by Reilly Smith, assisted by Paul Stansty, extended the lead 2-0 with 3:33 left in the first period.

With an outstanding second period, Max Pacioretty scored his 27th goal of the season. Mark-Andre Fleury held the Capitals to no scores with 22 saves on goal. The Golden Knights went into the third period with all the momentum and a ton of confidence that they could seal the win, but Washington had other plans.

The third period did not see the Knights extend their lead, but instead saw the Capitals close the gap. A pair of T.J. Oshie goals brought the game to 3-2 in favor of the Golden Knights. Now, within a matter of two minutes, Vegas found itself in a game with one of the top offensive teams in the NHL. Even worse, the Knights were back in that familiar position of several of their previous heartbreaking losses. These were the games where the Golden Knights were ahead multiple scores and allowed the opposing team to have an explosive third period that would ultimately cost Vegas the game.


This time it was the Washington Capitals, led by an anxious Alex Ovechkin desperately looking for his 700th career goal, now in spitting distance of a tied game.


With all the momentum on their side, The Capitals tried to take advantage of the moment and began rushing the net, but Vegas stiffed up on defense and held out the remainder of the period to win the 3-2.

Giving the Golden Knights their third consecutive win, a streak the Golden Knights have done in 16 games. With the Golden Knights having two more home games left with two more top-rated teams, this victory elevates the Golden Knights into a first-place tie in their division. With another win against the incoming Tampa Bay Rays, Vegas would become the #1 team in the Pacific division.

Tampa Bay, however, will be a very tough game. One the Golden Knights will have to dig deep to pull off the win in the T-Mobile Arena in two days. And with the sting of the heartbreaking loss, the Golden Knights had suffered two weeks prior. Vegas will be looking to strike back at the red hot Tampa Bay Rays on their home ice.

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– JaRon Turner – Franchise Sports Media 

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