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Welcome to the Franchise 

We are Franchise Sports Media. Our multi-sports media company was founded so we could give fans fair, unbiased, and comprehensive coverage for all sports in Las Vegas as well as across the nation. FSM also gives current and former athletes a voice to express their views, thoughts, and opinions, so that the public can get a better understanding of what it takes to get to the position they’re in. Also, how they view things happening in their sport as well as all sports. FSM will bring you sports coverage via audio (podcasts), print, and visual media. The Franchise pledges to help young athletes prepare for their journey in dealing with the media and helping them perfect the art of communicating, with the community as a whole. From the high school level through college and hopefully into their professional careers, we want to provide a set of resources unique to our company to help young athletes in their journey to realizing their dream..

We have assembled a talented roster of people that will have your sports needs covered from the youth to the high school levels to UNLV athletics and, lastly, to all the professional teams that are associated with our city of Las Vegas. The Franchise and our staff pledge to bring honest, concise, outstanding, and quality sports coverage to fans while introducing them to athletes who are excelling in their respective sports at all different levels.      

Franchise Sports Media is the brain child of singer/songwriter and actor, TQ (Terrence Quaites), and myself who have each been in media for over 18 years (from Los Angeles to Las Vegas) including covering Las Vegas sports since 2015. TQ and I have known each other for over 2 decades. We consider ourselves brothers and anyone who has been around us has heard the conversations (debates) and it’s normally extremely entertaining for all in attendance. We’ve long talked about doing a podcast or show to debate and talk sports but schedules never permitted us to do so. In July of 2018, our dream became a reality when we decided to take the leap, along with former NBA and UNLV point guard Marcus Banks. We feel that there is a need to cover Las Vegas sports from another perspective as former athletes, entertainers, and journalists, using our contacts and resources to help contribute to growing all of the sports taking place in our town.

Living in Las Vegas, we all feel it is our time to follow our passion for not only covering sports, but helping the youth and our community thrive. We feel we should help the athletes and their families have the opportunity to have achievement in every field of human endeavor and it’s our obligation to give back to the sports that were instrumental in our own lives and upbringings and to be leaders and role models in our community. 

The media coverage in Las Vegas has a lot of talented people covering sports from all angles and we respect them and the tireless job they do. We feel The Franchise will give an alternative point of view and perspectives from people that will add even more topics and spice to an already growing sports market. FSM isn’t about “hot takes” or being a “contrarian” but covering sports with the same love and passion the athletes have for their respective sport. We have a lot of innovative and exciting things in store for Las Vegas sports and those who choose join our franchise.  Follow us across our social media channels @TheFranchiseLV. We’ll be sure to follow back. 

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Thank you.

Joe Arrigo