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FSM Presents: Kalani’s Corner – Fury vs Wilder 3

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Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3: The last time, once and for all 


Two of the best and biggest heavyweights step into the squared circle once again to settle the score to see who truly is the better fighter.


Fury vs Wilder 3
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‘The Gypsy King’ Tyson Fury (30-0-1 21 KOs) will be putting his WBC (World Boxing Council) and The Ring heavyweight titles on the line against former WBC champion Deontay ‘The Bronze Bomber’ Wilder (42-1-1 41 KOs) in Las Vegas, Saturday night at T-Mobile Arena. In one of the most exciting trilogy’s, Fury and Wilder have given us two classic matchups and hope to do the same for the third and final time.

Styles make fights and these two are the perfect combo to deliver matches that the fans love to see. Fury who is the boxer stands at 6’9 and weighs north of 260lbs. He moves as if he’s in the welterweight division. Quick feet, head movement, circling around the ring, faints, moving in and out, not a style often seen in the heavyweight division and certainly not from a man his size.

But that’s what makes the champion so incredible to watch and even more difficult for his opponents to figure out. He pops a stiff jab to keep fighters away from him and for those that do manage to get inside, the bigger man uses his size to lean on you and carry that type of mass will wear an opponent down as the fight goes on. That is when you become an even easier target for Fury to pick apart. Also with his size, when Fury decides to settle down and sit on his punches, the power that comes behind it is always an issue especially as the fight wears on and you become more tired and slow to move.

With his combination of size, power, boxing smarts, and the charisma that goes along with being a showman, Fury is easily one of the funniest boxers to watch and he always delivers a good performance.


Across from the big fella is one of the hardest punchers to ever step in the ring. Wilder is no small man himself, standing 6’7, but does come in on the lighter side (he weighed 212lbs in the first bout).


Fury vs Wilder 3
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The Bronze Bomber is one of the most feared punchers in all of boxing, with close to a 100% knockout rate (42 wins 41 KOs), Wilder can end a match at any given moment with just one shot. He’s not the polished boxer Fury is, but he has the ultimate equalizer in both his hands. Wilder has shown that whether he’s leading a fight or needs to come from behind when he aims and hits, it is lights out, night, night baby.

With an 83″ reach, Wilder is able to what seems, land punches from across the ring which makes his opponents always in the danger zone of getting put to sleep. His aggressive style and at times wild punches may not be the most fundamentally sound but you can’t argue with the results. Plus, his wildness is what also makes him tough to figure out in the ring. He’s already got the size, long reach, incredible power, added in that he may throw punches from awkward angles, which has lead to him being able to break his opponent’s defense and find his mark.

So it may not always be pretty from a basic fundamental standpoint, knocking someone out is usually the end result for Wilder.


Their first matchup saw Fury outbox Wilder and look to be on his way to another impressive victory.


Fury vs Wilder 3
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But Wilder, who as stated, can end a fight at any moment was able to have his moments and stay in the fight. Knocking down Fury in the mid-rounds, many felt that despite being outboxed, Wilder would be able to close the deal and end it. To his credit, Fury would shake off the cobwebs and be able to hold up and get back on track to outboxing the puncher.

In the 12th and final round, what seemed to be a victory for Fury almost came to an end when Wilder landed a hard left hook that dropped Fury flat on his back and he looked to be out cold. Wilder walked away doing the shimmy to a thunderous roar from the crowd. But from out of nowhere, Fury would pop right back up to his feet with ease and with just over two minutes left in the round, would actually go on to be the aggressor and if not for the knockdown, win the round.

In an exciting turn of events, what looked to be the end, turn around quickly and went the other way. Unfortunately, the match ended in a controversial draw. In their rematch, Fury said he figured out in the last round that Wilder couldn’t fight backing up and he swore to be the aggressor from the start and would earn the KO in their rematch.


To his word, Fury stayed the aggressor through the fight, coming forward, applying pressure, and forcing the usual bully puncher to be on the retreat.


Fury vs Wilder 3
Photo Credit: The Sun

Fury would knock Wilder down on two different occasions for the first time in his career and earned a TKO (technical knockout) in the 7th round to win the WBC and The Ring titles. The first loss of his career was a tough one for Wilder, while Fury earned what could’ve been his most impressive victory.

A third fight was on deck to happen, but Wilder needed time to recover from a knee injury he had going into the second bout. Then, COVID-19 caused another delay, and Fury himself tested positive and another delay happened. But now the wait is over, the time is now and these two are set to square off once again in the ring.

Has Wilder made the adjustments needed to counter Fury’s attack? Can he put more combinations together instead of looking for the one big punch? Will he look to be the aggressor from the start and not allow Fury to come forward without paying the price? Or will Fury replicate his previous performance? Will he be able to avoid the power of Wilder? Did he come up with a different game plan?

All these questions and more will be answered when the bell rings and these two meet in the middle of the ring for the third and final time.


The Fury vs. Wilder trilogy fight is an exclusive pay-per-view (PPV) event streaming on ESPN+. The PPV price for Fury vs. Wilder is $79.99. The main card starts at 6 pm, with the prelims beginning at 4 pm.

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