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New FSM Essential Recap: Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury


Someone’s ‘0’ had to go in Saudi Arabia! Undefeated fighters Jake Paul and Tommy Fury faced off on Sunday as both fighters looked to settle their rivalry and continue their rise up the ranks in the world of boxing.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury took place in Saudi Arabia Sunday afternoon.

After years of pullouts and cancelations, Jake paul and Tommy Fury finally made it to the boxing ring to settle their grudge match at the Diriyah Arena. After an undefeated 6-0 start to the wild ride that has been his boxing career, Paul took on Fury, an 8-0 fighter with aspirations of creating a legacy outside his brother’s shadow, heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. With a WBC belt on the line and the future of both fighters’ careers in the balance, the rivalry between Paul and Fury came to fruition in Saudi Arabia.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury was a fight many have been waiting on. 

Paul suffers his first loss as Fury shocks the world

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury had all the stars out to watch them fight.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Jake Paul lands a left hook on Tommy Fury
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Eight rounds of action concluded Sunday afternoon, as Tommy Fury (9-0-0) pulled off the upset and defeated Jake Paul (6-1-0) after a split decision from the judges.

Coming into Sunday’s event, both fighters were undefeated and had plenty at stake. In his first six fights, Jake Paul managed to remain unbeaten as he continued to make his case as a legitimate fighter in the world of boxing. With hopes of securing his first victory over an established boxer, Paul looked to cement his place in the sport with a victory over the sibling of the heavyweight champion. What Paul and everyone else watching didn’t expect was a fact that now seems like something we all should have known since the beginning; Tyson Fury’s little brother can FIGHT!

Tommy Fury came into Diriyah Arena on Sunday to make a statement, and it started with a quick start in the first round. The British fighter began the fight by rushing forward and landing multiple combos. Paul was quick to wrap up Fury to stop the onslaught of strikes and continued this tactic as Fury stayed aggressive throughout the rest of the round.

In the second round, Paul became the aggressor as he came at Fury with multiple shots and attempts to land his favorite overhand right shot. Fury showed his boxing chops, though, as he managed to avoid the strikes and set up counter shots. Paul chased Fury around the ring throughout the rest of the round as both fighters landed only a few shots.

The was no love lost in the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight.

Through the third round, both fighters were settled on throwing only knockout shots.

The hate was real between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Tommy Fury lands a left cross on Jake Paul
Photo Credit: Francois Nel/Getty Images

The animosity between Paul and Fury could be seen with each strike the two fighters threw. The tension was amplified even more as Paul’s brother, Logan Paul, took the chance to sling insults toward Fury’s corner during a cage side interview following the end of the round.

In rounds four through seven, the referee became a factor. At the end of the fourth round, it seemed Fury got away with a punch to the back of Paul’s head. Then to begin the fifth round, the referee called out Paul for striking Fury behind the head, resulting in a point deduction for the Youtuber. Fury would eventually get deducted a point as well after being caught striking Paul behind the head again. This resulted in both men hesitating to strike while in the clinch through the rest of the fight.

In the final round, both fighters came out of their corners, hoping to get the finish. Paul was patient and looked for his opportunities to throw a heavy over-right shot. Fury continued to rush forward and throw combos with the intention of ending the fight. This would end up hurting Fury towards the end of the round as he rushed forward to strike and was met with a well-timed jab from Paul. The shot caused Fury to fall to the ground for the first knockdown of the fight, but he managed to get back to his feet and continued trading strikes with Paul till the end of the round.

With both men failing to get the finish after eight rounds, the fight went to a judge’s decision. One judge scored the fight 75-74 in favor of Paul, while the other two scored the bout 76-73 in favor of Fury, officially ending Jake Paul’s undefeated streak and giving Tommy Fury the biggest win of his career.

After suffering his first loss, it will be interesting to see what Paul decides to do. Both Paul and Fury expressed their interest in a rematch in the post-fight interviews. A rematch and possible trilogy with Fury could still help Paul continue his run in boxing. The option of Nate Diaz is also available and could be one of the biggest draws of Paul’s career. Either way, Paul has his options and will certainly be back in the ring sooner than later.

As for Fury, let me be the first to offer my apologies as one of the many that doubted this man. After enduring the criticism, insults, and flat-out disrespect, all while carrying the expectations of his family legacy, it’s about time we all put some respect on the name Tommy Fury.

Tommy Fury upsets Jake Paul

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