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FSM Preview: Paul vs Fury


Finally, we will see Jake Paul step into the ring to face Tommy Fury.

Paul vs Fury is finally happening!

Paul vs Fury Jake Paul
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From Saudi Arabia, a long-anticipated grudge match between younger brothers comes to a head. Jake Paul (6-0 4KOs), younger brother of YouTube star Logan Paul will battle Tommy Fury (8-0 4KOs), the younger brother of former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Two young fighters want to make their mark on the boxing world from two completely different paths. Fury, following in his big brothers’ footsteps, wants to continue the family tradition of dropping opponents left and right. While Paul has been setting a blazing trail with each bout, he has had in the squared circle thus far.

For both fighters, this is the biggest fight in their short careers. Given the nature of both backgrounds, a loss could severally hurt one’s chances of moving forward in the world of boxing. For Fury, growing up training in boxing since his youth, to lose to a newcomer whose fame came from YouTube videos, his credibility would take a hit so damaging he may never recover. For only his ninth pro bout, this is a make-or-break fight for the young Fury, who unfairly has the pressure of living up to the Gypsy Kings‘ standard of greatness.

Fury has had questions about his work ethic and how much he truly is committed to the harsh career of being a boxer. At times more concerned with the lifestyle and nightlife, Fury has a lot to show and prove if he is ever to step out of the shadows of big brother and show the world that he is his own man and fully capable of setting his own path.

Paul vs Fury is more than a hype fight, there is bad blood between them!

Standing across the ring is Jake “The Problem Child” Paul, who, along with his brother Logan turned their fame and riches into the ultimate test of will, might, and dedication by stepping into the ring.

Paul vs Fury is taking place in Saudi Arabia.

Paul vs Fury Tommy Fury
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It started as merely a joke, as the internet stars fought other online talents in what seemed to be circus shows. But the Paul brothers showed that they had fully committed to taking this seriously and wanted to try their hand at fighting. Logan would see himself in an exhibition against Floyd Mayweather. While Logan has crossed over into doing WWE and podcasting, Jake has fully committed to his craft as he has had some fantastic highlights in his short career. Knocking out former NBA slam dunk champion Nate Robinson, Paul would also go on to knock out former MMA star Ben Askren in impressive fashion.

Despite two shocking showings, Paul was still considered a sideshow. He would step up in competition and defeat former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley. While a closely contested bout, Paul still saw his hand raised. A rematch saw Paul knockout Woodley, similar to how he put Robinson away. In his last outing, Paul took on former UFC middleweight champion and MMA legend Anderson Silva, dropping the former champion on his way to a decision victory. While not taking on future boxing prospects like most fighters do when they only have six bouts, Paul’s celebrity status, high-profile opponents, and highlight-level finishes have made him one of the more “what if” names in the ranks. Ultimately, the plan one day for Paul is to stand across famed boxing legend Canelo Alveraz but to get there, he must get past Fury.

Paul vs Fury will have a significant impact on both fighters’ future inside the ring. Paul is looking to continue his rise and show that despite not going the traditional route, he is here to stay in the world of boxing and deserves respect. While Fury is looking to be the one to put a stop to this hype train and restore order to the proud sport he grew up loving.

Who is going to win Paul vs Fury?

Paul vs Fury will take place on February 26th, 2023 from Saudi Arabia so check local listings and get ready for war.


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