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New FSM Essential Recap: Crawford vs Porter


A fight night in Las Vegas saw two of the best welterweights in the world do battle as Terence Crawford defended his WBO title against Shawn Porter.



Crawford vs Porter
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In a thrilling battle, WBO champion Terence “Bud” Crawford remained undefeated as he earned a 10th round technical knockout victory over former two-time champion Shawn “Showtime” Porter.

Crawford( 38-0 29KOs) was able to do what no fighter has done, and that’s earning a stoppage victory over Shawn Porter. Showing off his vast toolbox of skills, Crawford was able to use angles, distance, combinations, and shots to the body to get the win over one of, if not the most significant, challenge opposite of him so far.

This bout saw both fighters have moments of brilliance as they tried to enforce their will on the other. Porter was looking to draw Crawford into a shoot-out slugfest where Porter has shown through his career; that’s the kind of fight in which he thrives.

In the early rounds, Porter looked to change his approach as instead of diving headfirst into the fire, he stayed patient, jumping in and out, looking to pull Crawford in. Not wanting to allow Crawford to get comfortable on the outside where he can use his reach, Porter would turn the pressure up, and then the first four rounds saw these two throw caution to the wind, exchanging some serious shots. Crawford and Porter both landed hard blows to one another as neither backed down from the challenge. Bud’s corner would stress that he not get into a slugfest but outbox Porter and stick to the outside. Listening to his corner’s advice, Crawford would do just that as he would start applying vicious body shots to Porter.

Needing to make adjustments, Porter started to find a home for his overhand right, a shot that Crawford has been subject to allowing opponents to land through his career. In the 8th round, Porter would land an overhand right that made Crawford take a step back and followed up with two more hard shots. This seemed to do the most damage to the champion in the bout, but the bell sounded, ending the best run of the night for Porter.

Rounds nine and ten saw Crawford assert himself more dominantly as his punch output increased, and he began to back up Porter more frequently with his shots.

Early in round ten, Crawford would drop Porter for the first knockdown on the evening with a short combination. Porter would get up quickly as if to suggest he wasn’t badly hurt but more so got caught out of position with a good punch. Crawford, though, being one of the best finishers in the game when he smells blood, was ruthless in his attack to finish the fight. Shortly after the first knockdown, Crawford would land a cross right-hand flush on Porter followed by a few short punches, which put Porter down for the second time.

Frustrated, Porter punched the mat but didn’t get up as quickly. Once to his feet, as the referee was set to restart the bout, Porter’s father, Kenny Porter, his head trainer, would step on the apron to throw in the towel and call an end to the fight.

With the finish, Crawford became the first boxer to finish the former champion in a bout. Given the resume of fighters Porter has stepped in the ring with, that speaks volumes to how good Crawford is. “And still” is a phrase Crawford has become used to hearing after his bouts. He looks to keep that saying in the future and possibly add “and new” to it one day as he collects more titles.


What could be next for both fighters?


Crawford vs Porter
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As Crawford continues to show his dominance, he will be looking to move up in competition once again as he looks to add more gold to his title belt collection and build a resume to establish himself as the clear-cut option for the best fighter around. The biggest fight fans have wanted to see for a couple of years now is a showdown between Crawford and WBC and IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr (27-0 21KOs). Spence, who was in attendance for the fight, left shortly after the stoppage came.

Spence left shaking his head in disagreement with either the choice to stop it or thinking what he saw didn’t impress him enough. Either way, Crawford vs Spence is the fight that needs to be made in the immediate future and would be one of if not the most anticipated fight in 2022 for boxing.

Porter announced his retirement in his post fight press conference. Finishing 31-4-1 17KOs. A two-time welterweight champion, Porter called it a career and what a career it was. Fighting a who’s who in the division, Shawn Porter will go down with all the respect from boxers and fans for his style in the ring and how he carried himself outside of it.

Given how his father/trainer Kenny felt about his training going into the fight and calling the stoppage, it was time to walk away. Porter said, “no matter what the outcome would’ve been, this was going to be my last fight, win lose or draw”.

Porter gave us some exciting fights and moments to enjoy during his career and we are thankful for what he gave us and the sport. He’ll continue his career as a commentator and provide us with more excellent work ringside for future fights.

Thank you “Showtime” Shawn Porter.


A great night in the square circle as two gladiators gave us one exciting bout from bell to bell. Questions were answered in the weight division but only to leave, “what’s next?” Whatever comes, we will be excited to see it unfold once again in the ring.


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