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UNLV had an idea of the type of player they were getting when they recruited and landed Jeff Weimer. But the impact Weimer has had so far goes beyond the field, a testament to his work ethic and personality.


UNLV WR Jeff Weimer
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Last year at this time, Jeff Weimer was suited up for the City College of San Francisco. That is where he strung together an impressive season of 77 catches, 1,258 yards, and 17 touchdowns, helping the Rams to an undefeated 13-0 record.

Now a full year later, Weimer’s work ethic has landed him a starting role at a division one school with the UNLV Rebels. Any move at any level of football or life will offer a tough transition, but Weimer has fit right in here in Las Vegas. 

I think the transition has been fluid. It’s been a lot of fun,” Weimer said after practice on Wednesday. “Especially in the wide receiver room. We’re very close, so we’re all talking as a unit, trying to find ways to take advantage of the day the best we possibly can and just taking it one day at a time, so that way when game day comes we’re prepared and ready to just go out there and have fun.


The slot receivers’ debut for the Rebels came back on August 27th, when the Rebels defeated the Idaho State Bengals 52-21.


UNLV WR Jeff Weimer
Photo Credit: Kyla LaCoste/Franchise Sports Media

Weimer caught five passes for 72 yards and shared his feelings on that first game day as a UNLV Rebel.

It was just excitement, excitement, and a lot of fun because me and the guys put in so much work, and me personally, I have kind of been dreaming of that and working my tail off for a long time to get to that point,” Weimer said. “It wasn’t so much of this like this awe moment. It was kind of like, I know I’m meant for that, and now let’s go have fun.

Weimer and UNLV seemingly couldn’t be more of a perfect fit. Beyond just the personal achievements of juco stardom to solidifying a role as an offensive weapon, Weimer speaks very confidently of his abilities and preaches the enjoyment he gets from playing for this program.

My work that I have been doing is paying off, and that’s also motivation that gives you a humble attitude to keep trusting what I’ve been doing,Weimer said. “This whole team, everything about UNLV has been just a blast.”

From a collaborative effort in the wide receiving room to the more individual practices that Weimer works on personally to keep him balanced is crucial to staying afloat in a grueling college football season. UNLV was granted two byes this season, but one came, awkwardly enough, after their first game. Weimer expressed how he keeps himself balanced and prepared for the long haul.

Being in the moment, something that is huge for me is focusing on where my feet are,” Weimer said. “A big part of it, something that always humbles me and keeps me centered, is focusing on how I attack the day because it doesn’t matter what I did yesterday because that day prior is over with, so now how do I take advantage of the day coming?


Weimer’s philosophies have helped him generate a hard-nosed work ethic.


UNLV vs Idaho St.
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Even more so, a work ethic that matches the message from UNLV head coach Marcus Arroyo, who preaches to stay consistent and to keep stacking days.

Weimer and the Rebels are heading to a place very close to home for their slot wide receiver. Weimer played his high school ball just a two-hour drive from Cal Berkeley, and of course, with a well-documented juco career across the bridge in San Francisco, many personal statements could be made from Weimer. But much like that cool Bay Area breeze, Weimer downplayed any extra personal reasons to make this game any more than the Rebels and Golden Bears on Saturday afternoon.

I have a lot of people coming to show support, but for me, it’s just a game,” Weimer said. “It’s another opportunity for me and the guys in this receiving core, the whole team, to show the work we’ve put in, so that’s what I’m excited about.


Jeff Weimer is exactly the type of player and person every school hopes to recruit. There is little doubt his impact will be felt by Rebels in the football program for years to come. Make sure to follow the Franchise Sports Media on all social media platforms for all things UNLV Rebels.

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