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Statement from Franchise Sports Media President, Joe Arrigo:

“I am extremely pleased to publicly announce that Franchise Sports Media, Oracle Athletics, NYS Nevada, and NCSAA have entered into a partnership that will have a huge impact in the Las Vegas Community. We are excited to cover various NYS sports and NYS events as well as feature a weekly podcast that will focus on their sports and the participants. There will also be an emphasis on education, sports training, sports nutrition, recovery, injury prevention and the positive impact sports has in a family’s life. To be able to reach over 25,000 student-athletes in the valley is important to us. It is a blessing to have a positive impact in their lives and we are grateful that Oracle Athletics and Nevada Youth Sports share our passion and vision for our youth and the community in which we live.”

Joe Arrigo, President of Franchise Sports Media

New FSM and NYS Partnership Announcement | Franchise Sports Media

Oracle Athletics and NYS Nevada has issued the following statement:

“We at Oracle Athletics, NYS Nevada, and NCSAA are excited about the incredible coverage Franchise Sports Media is providing for both youth and school sports. We’re excited that they are showcasing the talents of over 25,000 student-athletes valley wide. Their contributions to the Las Vegas Community are unmatched. We look forward to working closely with them moving forward.” 

Justin Phelps, Owner of Oracle Athletics, NYS Nevada, and Nevada Choice School Athletic Association

New FSM and NYS Partnership Announcement | Franchise Sports Media

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