Lights FC vs Monterey Bay FC
Photo Credit: Lights FC

FSM Essential Recap: Lights FC vs Monterey Bay FC – Game 11

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Monterey Bay FC upset the Las Vegas Lights FC 1-0 in the first game ever at Cardinale Stadium.


Lights FC vs Monterey Bay FC
Photo Credit: Lights FC

Monterey Bay FC hosted the Lights FC in the grand opening of their brand new stadium. Despite being favorites, the Lights fell 1-0 short to Monterey Bay FC in front of a packed Cardinale Stadium. 

The Lights FC switched away from the 4-5-1 formation in the last two games, which resulted in two 1-1 draws against L.A. Galaxy II and the Sacramento Republic FC. Tomas Romero kept his starting spot as the goalkeeper. Alejandro Lara and Dekel Keinan remained as the starting centerbacks going into this game, with Morten Bjoshol remaining as the starting right back and Mohamed Traore making his way back into the lineup as left-back in place of Alvaro Quezada. The latter started as a forward this game. Captain Daniel Cristosomo, Jorge Almaguer, and last week’s goalscorer Roberto Molina kept their spots as starting midfielders. At the same time, Quezada was joined by last week’s lone forward, Daniel Trejo, and Christian Torres, who replaced Frank Daroma in the starting lineup.

The first half of play mainly belonged to Monterey Bay FC. The Lights FC struggled to grasp possession and finished the half off with only 38% possession. They also failed to get a shot on goal in the first half and were on the receiving end of any dangerous attacks as it was a scoreless first half. 

Ten minutes into the beginning of the second half, Walmer Ramirez gave Cardinale Stadium a moment they will never forget, as he scored the first-ever goal for Monterey Bay FC in the stadium with a beautiful long-shot goal, beating a T.Romero that had been brilliant for the Lights. 

The remainder of the game was mainly controlled by the Lights FC. Substitutions such as Daroma. Daron Iskenderian, Bruce El Mesmari, Christopher Jaime, and the debut of LAFC youngster Nathan Ordaz were made to try and score to get back into the game, but unfortunately, the Lights FC fell short. The Lights received a few excellent scoring opportunities, but the only shot on target they received in the game was a Lara header off a set piece that came very close. Bjorshol also had a clear 1v1 with the goalkeeper, in which he placed just wide of the left post. 

The Lights have been out of form lately.


Lights FC vs Monterey Bay FC
Photo Credit: Lights FC

The Lights FC have only secured two points out of the nine possible in their last three games. The absence of some critical attacking figures such as Cal Jennings and Daniel Musovski has seen the Lights FC suffer in getting any attacking momentum going on. Despite the Lights FC still getting a decent amount of shots on target in the games that they don’t win (despite this one), there has been a lack of flair in the final attacking third to finish and start any real goal-scoring opportunities. 

On the bright side, the Lights FC have been doing great defensive work. After experimenting with players out of their positions and in different formations, the Lights FC have been able to find a solid backline of Bjorshol, Lara, Keinan, and Traore with the presence of Antonio Leone in the center back rotation. The Lights FC also have two Romero goalkeepers in, Tomas Romero and Abraham Romero, who is always brilliant in their heroic saves and having the team’s back when they are needed. 

The Lights are now sitting at four wins, two draws, and four losses for the season, at fifth place in the Western Conference with a few games in hand. Meaning if the teams below them, such as the Sacramento Republic and LA Galaxy II, win their upcoming games, then they are likely to fall in rank in the table. 


The Lights FC are back at home next Saturday, May 14th, to face off against the Oakland Roots at 7 PM. Make sure to come out and support or catch this game on ESPN+. 


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– Murad Omaish – Franchise Sports Media

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