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FSM Essential Recap: Lights FC vs Roots FC – Game 12

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The Las Vegas Lights share points with Oakland Roots in their first home game of the month.

Lights FC vs Roots FC
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The Las Vegas Lights hosted the Oakland Roots at Cashman Field after back-to-back games on the road against Sacramento Republic FC and the first-ever match in Cardinale Stadium against Monterey Bay, which unfortunately resulted in a loss. The Lights couldn’t get back to their winning ways and were forced to share a point with the Roots in another 1-1 draw.

The Lights continued experimenting with formations, as they came out with a 3-4-3 formation instead of the 4-3-3 played against Monterey Bay. Abraham Romero started as goalkeeper over Tomas Romero, who has been brilliant in the last few games. Alejandro Lara, Dekel Keinan, and Mohamed Traore all kept their starting places in the backline of defense. Morten Bjorshol kept his place in the starting lineup, but as a midfielder, rather than his usual right-back position. He joined Captain Daniel Cristosomo in midfield, the only midfielder to keep his place in the lineup since the last game, and Frank Daroma and Chase Bromstedt joined the two. They replaced Jorge Almaguer and Roberto Molina as starting midfielders. Molina remained in the lineup, but as a forward alongside Daron Iskenderian and Nathan Ordaz, who both replaced Christian Torres and star Daniel Trejo as starting forwards. 

The game was off to a fast start, as Oakland’s top goalscorer Ottar Magnus Karlsson opened the scoring in the game’s third minute with a dual run assisted by Mikael Torset Johnsen.  Twenty minutes later, the Lights displayed their improvements on a major struggle of theirs, which is set pieces, with a lovely header from a corner by Alejandro Lara, assisted by Daron Iskenderian. The remainder of the first half was pretty even in possessions and dangerous attacks, as both teams had their fair share in possession and shots on target for the rest of the half. 

The first half hosted the remainder of the goals for the rest of the game, but the second half was still a pretty action-filled half for Oakland at least. The Roots did not let the Lights see the ball for much of the half, as they had about 64% possession for the half. The Roots had the only shot on target for both teams in the second half and had a handful of dangerous attacks, but the Lights’ defense held on to dear life and were about to secure another draw. 


This marks a month since the last time we saw the Lights secure a victory in a game.

Lights FC vs Roots FC
Photo Credit: Lights FC

The Lights have been very experimental in their style of play since the absence of star forwards Cal Jennings and Daniel Musovski, who have assisted LAFC in being the current best team in the MLS. This experimental style includes testing new young forwards such as Iskenderian and Ordaz. They still have plenty to learn but have been critical to why the last few games have resulted in draws rather than losses.

As long as these youngsters continue to work on minor things such as timing their runs better to avoid racking up too many offsides calls, or working better with our veterinary midfield, then they have the potential to fill into the shoes of the absent forwards and get the Lights back on track in their victorious ways. 

Also, the last four games the Lights have played have resulted in 1-1 draws. The Lights seem to die down in the second half, as their previous second-half goal was by Jennings against the Colorado Switchbacks six games ago. This issue is for the coach and players to figure out, but there is no doubt that the team is diagnosing this problem to solve it.

The Lights are just in the playoff race in the Western Conference and hope to get back to their winning ways to secure that playoff spot.


The Lights are on the road for some midweek action on Wednesday to face off against Birmingham Legion FC at 5 PM PT. Make sure to catch this game on ESPN+.

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