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New FSM Essential Recap: The Final Chapter- Fury vs Wilder 3


A trilogy for the ages, Tyson Fury retained his WBC and The Ring titles defeating Deontay Wilder in one the boxings best showings.


Fury vs Wilder 3
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The term, “the baddest man on the planet“, has always been reserved for who the heavyweight champion is. Boxing has seen two of its best go toe to toe for three fights, all of which gave more excitement and thrills than the previous one. On Saturday night at T-Mobile ArenaThe Gypsy King Tyson Fury (32-0-1 22 KOs) knocked out rival Deontay Wilder (42-2-1 41 KOs) in the 11th round in one of the sports biggest and best trilogies.

These two gave us another great showing and ended things with possibly one of the greatest fights in heavyweight history, if not boxing itself.

Wilder, who weighed in at his heaviest at 236lbs, started off aggressive and strong. He had a plan which was jabbing the body of Fury and coming forward, landing straight rights to the champ’s chest. Wilder was hoping to have the bodywork done early so as the fight went on it would help slow down the champion. But also it would set up Wilder to come over the top with his thunderous right hand. This strategy worked and all three judges scored the first round for Wilder. But in the second, Fury would start to press forward as he did in the second bout and assert himself now as the aggressor, which caused Wilder to abandon his previous game plan and start being on the defensive.

Fury worked from a distance and in the clinch landing several big blows to his opponent seeming to hurt him more and more with every punch. Wilder looked to press back forward to get himself back on offense, but Fury being the bigger man, was able to stop most of his forward attempts and push him back to keep things in his favor.

With two mountains of men (Fury– 6’9, 277lbs and Wilder– 6’7 236lbs) both looking to move forward and be aggressive, surely that much mass and force, someone was bound to give and find their way to the canvas.


The bigger they are, the harder they hit and the harder they fall.


Fury vs Wilder 3
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Near the end of the third round, Fury land a right hook, then a short right uppercut to Wilder that dropped the former champion. Fury said he would finish Wilder sooner than he did in their rematch where he won via TKO in the seventh round. So was this the end?

Not so fast, Wilder would beat the count and in the fourth, as Fury looked to apply more pressure looking for the finish, Wilder would land a powerful left-right combo that dropped Fury to the floor. What looked like a walk-away finish for Fury now turned quickly in Wilders favor. The champion beat the count but now with momentum, Wilder would push forward with more hard shots, and another right would connect putting Fury down for the second time in the round (it was the first time Fury had been knocked down twice in one round). The champ would beat the bell again and finish off the round. T-Mobile Arena was booming with the crowd on their feet, knowing these two warriors were going to war.


Fury vs Wilder 3
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Going forward, Fury would start to take over the fight as he outboxed Wilder for rounds 5-10. Landing hard shots and at times seeming too close to finishing off the challenger. While Fury put on a clinic, much has to be said to the heart of Wilder, who started to get gassed since this was the first time he fought carrying so much weight on his own body. He also was getting tired from having a bigger/heavier opponent lean on him in tie-ups, which caused him to carry his weight as well. Trying to throw heavy haymakers also can suck the air right out of you, but it showed that he’s a warrior through and through and was doing everything he could to not give up and keep coming forward.

Every time Fury would go on a run and let his hands go with combinations, Wilder would look to start throwing back his own shots, and when you hit as hard as Wilder (41 of 42 wins have come via KO) you don’t want him catching you with a shot you don’t see coming. While trying, Wilder just didn’t have an answer for Fury who showed off the patient ring and head movement.

In the tenth round, Fury would land a short right cross that floored Wilder and looked to have ended the fight. But the heart of a champion was shown again as Wilder got back to his feet, but this time with wobbling legs. Fury looked to apply pressure and in the eleventh round, landed shots from a distance and close range continuing to hurt Wilder with every punch. A thunderous right from Fury dropped Wilder flat and referee Russell Mora (who did an excellent job the entire fight) called it off. After 30 hard-fought rounds and 9 knockdowns, Tyson Fury stood tall again with another victory against Deontay Wilder.


So what’s next for each of the boxers?


Fury said he was done with Wilder and was ready to move on. With former British champion Anthony Joshua suffering an upset defeat recently, he’s set for a rematch with Oleksandr Usyk to see if he can regain his titles. If so, a long-awaited showdown between Fury and Joshua would be epic, but there are other challengers out the for the champion to face as well. Still, none of them present the sort of danger, and payday, Wilder does.

For the Bronze Bomber, he has nothing to be ashamed of as he gave us the best he possibly could. He showed that he’s always a threat to end a fight and he won’t go down easy. He certainly will be looking for some bounce-back matchups to re-establish himself among the elite heavyweights. Regardless of where these two go next, Fury/Wilder gave three fights to remember, and we will forever be grateful for that.


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