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4 Players That Deserve a Higher Overall for Madden 21


EA (Electronic Arts) has posted all the player’s overalls for the next Madden football game, Madden 21. Per the usual, many fans of the franchise are furious because they feel some players deserve better numbers. In this article, I will list four players that deserve a higher overall and explain why. This won’t be in any order; they all deserve the same thing so there is no reason to have a clear order for who deserves it more.



First, cornerback for the Buffalo Bills, Tre’Davious White.


Madden has given White an overall rating of 90. The decision to make him a lower overall than the likes of Richard Sherman and Jalen Ramsey is slightly debatable, but making him just a 90 compared to Sherman’s 92 and Ramsey’s 94 is disgraceful. Stephon Gilmore is the only cornerback to get the perfect 99 overall, which he deserves, but White’s statistics are very close to Gilmore’s and better than Sherman’s and Ramsey’s.


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White recorded six interceptions, tied for the most interceptions by anybody, for the 2019 NFL season. He also produced 58 combined tackles, slightly trailing Sherman’s 68 but more than Ramsey’s 31. White even defended 17 passes last season compared to Ramsey’s five and Sherman’s 11. Even though Ramsey only started in 12 games, most of White’s statistics still outclassed his by a longshot. Gilmore totaled six interceptions, 53 combined tackles, and defended 20 passes.

This is not to say that White is better than Gilmore, but it shows that the margin between their skills is smaller than what Madden thinks. White deserves at least a 96 overall for how well he played last year.



Next, cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens, Marcus Peters.


Madden has given Peter’s an overall rating of 85. This rating puts him out of the top 10 highest rated cornerbacks for the league, giving him a lower overall rating than the likes of Marlon Humphrey, Casey Hayward, and Darius Slay Jr., which makes no sense. Humphrey and Hayward are both 89 overall, while Slay is an 88.


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Peters recorded five interceptions last season; this was higher than Humphrey’s, three higher than Slay and Hayward’s two. Peters also had 53 combined tackles last season; this was less than Humphrey’s 65 but higher than Slay’s 46 and Hayward’s 32. Peter’s even deflected 14 passes, lower than Humphrey’s 14 but higher than Slay’s 13 and Hayward’s 8.

Even though Peters’ had fewer tackles and deflected passes than Humphrey, he produced more interceptions and had three touchdowns compared to Humphrey’s zero. Having Peters’ overall rating slightly lower than Humphrey’s would not have been a completely terrible decision, I guess. Still, the fact that he is not in the top 10 while Humphrey is number 6 is ridiculous. Peters put up better statistics than Slay and Hayward and was on par with Humphrey. Madden put Byron Jones and Patrick Peterson above Peters as well. Leaving Peters outside the top ten is insulting; he should be at least an 89 overall just like Humphrey is.



Next up, the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott.


Madden has given Prescott an overall rating of 84, lower than the likes of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, and Matt Ryan. Brady is a 90 overall, Rodgers is an 89 overall, Watson is an 86 overall, and Ryan is also an 86 overall. It sounds silly to hear Prescott’s name compared to the people listed for a career standpoint, but Madden is based on their yearly performance.


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Prescott quietly had a fantastic season last year; it was by far his most productive season so far. He threw for 4,902 yards, which was the second-most in the league, only behind Jameis Winston. His completion percentage was 65.1 percent, higher than everyone listed earlier except for Watson and Ryan.

Even though Prescott’s completion percentage was lower than Ryan’s and Watson’s, he threw 11 interceptions. Watson threw 12 interceptions, and Ryan threw 14. Brady and Rodgers have Prescott beat in the interception’s category by a long shot, but Prescott threw for more touchdowns than both. Prescott threw 30 touchdowns while Rodgers threw 26, and Brady threw 24. Rodgers threw for only 4,002 yards, and Brady threw for only 4,057. Prescott managed to finish the season with a 99.7 quarterback rating, higher than anybody listed earlier.

Even though Prescott had no 4th quarter comebacks, the yards he threw for, the number of touchdowns he threw, and his quarterback rating prove that he was very efficient and deserves an overall rating closer to the elites. He deserves at least an 88 overall.



Lastly, the outside linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Shaquil Barrett.


Madden has given Barrett an overall rating of 85. This puts him severely lower than Von Miller and Khalil Mack, who are both 97 overalls. This rating also puts Barrett below Chandler Jones, who is a 95 overall, and Kyle Van Noy, who is an 86 overall.


Madden 21
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Last season, Barrett put up better statistics than everybody listed except Jones but was rated at a lower overall rating. Barrett put up 19.5 sacks, 58 combined tackles, forced six fumbles, and 37 quarterbacks hit last season. Mack recorded 8.5 sacks, 47 combined tackles, five forced fumbles, and 14 quarterback hits. Miller only produced eight sacks, 46 combined tackles, and 20 quarterback hits. Jones beat Barrett with eight forced fumbles but comes up short in tackles, interceptions, and sacks. Van Noy fell short of Barrett in every category statistical category that’s been discussed.

Statistics are not the most reliable analysis of an outside linebacker as many explanations can be given towards lower or higher numbers. Barrett had more opportunities to increase his numbers due to the Buccaneers playing style with so many possession switches. There are also double teams that prevent players from getting more sacks. There are many possibilities attached to fluctuations in ratings, but Mack and Miller both had down years for their standards.

Madden is a yearly rating system and should rate their players as such, not for their big names. This is not to say Barrett is better than those players; again, many things can alter statistics. That should not discredit the great year he had, though. He should be at least a 92 overall.

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-Kyle Randolph – Franchise Sports Media

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