Making the case for Aaron Rodgers in Vegas Aaron Rodgers
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New FSM Feature: New FSM Feature: Making The Case for Aaron Rodgers In Vegas

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The Las Vegas Raiders and Aaron Rodgers have a few things in common. They were both born & raised in Northern California, both have hoisted the Lombardi Trophy, and both need to win NOW. After all, can Josh McDaniels survive another underachieving season?

The Raiders need to trade for Aaron Rodgers. 

Making the case Aaron Rodgers in Vegas Aaron Rodgers
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As of St. Valentine’s Day 2023, the first domino has fallen in Raider Nation’s post-Derek Carr era. Last week, I mentioned Vegas would be heading into the offseason with many priorities, but none more pressing than the quarterback spot. So, now that DC4 has officially been relieved of his duties after nine seasons in Silver & Black, the search for Las Vegas’ next signal-caller is underway. Considering all the context of the current situation, only one man makes sense for the Raiders in 2023: Aaron Charles Rodgers.

Is pursuing a 39-year-old quarterback after his 18th NFL season a risky move? Yes, absolutely; Despite the fact we’ve seen teams acquire veteran QBs and win the Super Bowl in two of the last three big games (the Tampa Buccaneers with Tom Brady and the Los Angeles Rams with Matthew Stafford), this is not a conventional strategy.

There are a few more youthful names currently linked to the Raiders. Being that Josh McDaniels is still head ball coach in “Sin City,” players like Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett, who are familiar with the offensive system from their time in New England, are viable selections. Additionally, Jarrett Stidham could be retained as a cost-efficient option, and there have even been rumors of Bill Belichick being non-committal to Mac Jones; Most Raider fans can’t get the image of Chandler Jones stiff-arming Mac into the Earth out of their heads, but it is a possibility he heads for the desert if Belichick gives the word.

Aaron Rodgers makes the most sense for the Raiders.

All that considered, combined with how disastrous the Raiders’ first season under McDaniels went. I believe the Silver & Black must act with urgency.

Why Aaron Rodgers makes sense for the Raiders. 

Making the case for Aaron Rodgers in Vegas Aaron Rodgers
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Given Las Vegas’ current roster, I don’t see any of the quarterbacks mentioned above (and definitely not one in the upcoming draft) getting the Raiders over the hump, except Aaron Rodgers. If you are in win-NOW mode, which Vegas absolutely should be, rolling the dice on the 4-time NFL MVP feels worth the risk compared to riding with a less-experienced, less-talented quarterback.

Frankly, McDaniels will need to go with a quarterback that can keep him at his head coaching post longest. What happens to him if he brings in Jimmy G. or stays with Stidham, and the Raiders see no team improvement at all? There are too many weapons on offense (Josh Jacobs, Davante Adams, Hunter Renfrow, and Darren Waller are all premiere-to-elite players) to waste this talent window.

Naturally, Rodgers, who is one of the most accurate passers ever to spin a pigskin (65.3 percent career completion rate with an astronomical touchdown to interception ratio, 405-170), will not come cheap. However, the Packers have expressed a willingness to move on from A-Rod and his whopping contract (scheduled for a cap-hit of $59.465 million guaranteed in 2023, which could be restructured for the right situation), and now that Carr has been released, the Raiders may just have the assets and cap space to pull it off. Las Vegas holds the 7th and 38th overall pick in the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft; you can bet Green Bay will be interested in those.

Also, if the Packers do send Rodgers elsewhere, it will almost certainly be to a team in the opposite conference, such as the Raiders or Jets. Additionally, Rodgers does not have a no-trade clause like Carr’s contract, but A-Rod does have the looming threat of retirement, so it is unlikely the Packers will send him somewhere he does not want to be. And for anyone who watched Rodgers and Ben Silverman win the 2023 Pebble Beach Pro-Am, it seems clear that AR12 would not mind reuniting with WR Davante Adams in Silver & Black. Of course, we saw Adams giving subtle hints over Pro Bowl weekend in Las Vegas, using Rodgers’ signature “discount double-check” celebration after scoring a touchdown in this year’s flag football game.

There’s also the fact that both Rodgers and the Raiders were born & raised in Northern California(Rodgers in the North state; Raiders in the Bay Area). Of course, the Raiders were founded in Oakland in 1960 and played there until 1982 before returning to “The Town” from 1995-2019. Naturally, those time frames in the East Bay coincide with Rodgers’ days starring at California (2003-2004), playing his college ball just ten miles north of the Oakland Coliseum.

Sure, the Raiders have been in Southern Nevada for three seasons now, but many of their supporters remain in California. I think we know that Raider Nation is the type of fan base that will not accept just anyone (admit it: you felt weird about the possibility of Tom Brady in Silver & Black). Still, I believe Rodgers has the history and talent to fit in cohesively. Because even in a down year for Rodgers at age 38, he still managed to outplay Derek Carr (who had far superior surrounding talent and played home games indoors), tossing 26 touchdowns with only 12 interceptions.

Aaron Rodgers would reunite with Davante Adams. 

Schematically, there is an undeniable fit in inserting Rodgers as the signal caller of the Raiders’ current offense.

How would Aaron Rodgers fit in the Raiders offensive scheme?

Making the case for Aaron Rodgers in Vegas Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams
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The already established on-field relationship between him and Adams has made for some of the most brilliant teach-tape of the modern era. Without a doubt, those two still have the rare connection between quarterback and receiver that is both lethal and non-verbal. After Adams is Hunter Renfrow, whose crafty route-running ability and sticky hands would mesh well with a high-accuracy QB like Rodgers.

Then, of course, there is Darren Waller. It was rumored that Rodgers was vocal about possibly trading for Waller to Green Bay before the stretch run last season, but no deal was struck. Reciprocally, Waller was heard during Super Bowl week offering support for Rodgers as his next quarterback. Yes, it is fun to imagine how productive that tandem could be, given Rodgers’ arm talent and Waller’s frame and athleticism. And let’s not forget about RB Josh Jacobs, who is fresh off his first NFL rushing title (1,653 in 2022), snagging a 1st team All-Pro nod along the way.

After the QB spot, re-signing Jacobs should be high on the Raiders’ off-season to-do list. Because, like all great quarterbacks, Rodgers has always seen the value of leaning on the run game for long-term success.

Let’s remember though, Las Vegas won’t be the only city trying to entice A-Rod. Even in year 19 (should he not retire), other suitors will compete for Rodgers’ services. The New York Jets have already adopted the Denver Broncos’ previously failed lure technique of inking Nathaniel Hackett as their new OC. On top of that, the Jets recently reached out to Green Bay to gauge the actual interest level of a Rodgers trade, which certainly seems to have validity. That said, Rodgers does not seem like an East Coast guy to me. But hey, I’ve not met him in real life to actually ask.

Of course, we will all be left in temporary limbo as Rodgers embarks on his widely publicized darkness retreat, occurring in the latter days of this third week in February. He says four suns and moons will pass before he reconnects with society, but he also mentions there’s a chance it could be shorter. Transparently, you really can’t blame the guy; Disassociating briefly from all outside influence can do wonders for the mind, especially for those who perform high-focus, high-stress professions.

For the immediate moment, this entire “Rodgers to Vegas” scenario is only speculative, circumstantial, and hypothetical. But it is possible. Like the neon lights of the world-famous Strip, it would be electric. After all, this is “Fabulous” Las Vegas; With all the other attractions in town, the Raiders will need to pick a showstopper sooner than later.

Will the Raiders trade for Aaron Rodgers?

The Las Vegas Raiders and Aaron Rodgers have a few things in common. They were both born & raised in Northern California, both have hoisted the Lombardi Trophy, and both need to win NOW. After all, can Josh McDaniels survive another underachieving season?

Aaron Rodgers needs to be a Raider.

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