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As it stands, UNLV will be going into the 2020-21 season with only 3 seniors parting ways with the program in the offseason. Now that Nick Fleming has pledged to be Coach Otzelberger’s 5th commitment for the 2020 class, some interesting math will need to be figured out. 


Nick Fleming UNLV Mens Basketballl


In the meantime, Fleming is a point guard from Highland Community College in Illinois who will have 2 years of eligibility once he enrolls at UNLV. As a freshman, he averaged 10.6 ppg and shot 30% from downtown. I was able to talk to him about why he chose to be a Rebel, what he brings to the table for Otzelberger, and other things as well. Here’s what he had to say. 


JW- When did UNLV get involved with your recruitment?

NF- UNLV got involved with my recruitment 2 or 3 weeks ago.

JW- Which UNLV coach first reached out to you? 

NF- Coach Demarlo Slocum was the first coach to reach out because he had seen me practice first.

JW- What made you choose UNLV without ever setting foot on the campus before? 

NF- UNLV is one of my dream schools so it wasn’t hard for me once I got the good news.

JW- How does being a JUCO player prepare you differently than making the jump to D1 as opposed to straight out of high school? 

NF- JUCO has and still is preparing for the next level because of the grit and grind you have to put in every day just to get recognized by D1 schools. Having to play at JUCO isn’t the best, but it teaches you how to be hungry and to want more opposed to coming straight out of high school being the top recruit. 

JW- When the UNLV coaches talk about your role on the team, what do they expect? 

NF- They expect me to come in and be a great defensive player, hard worker, and a great team player.

JW- What are your primary strengths as a player? 

NF- My Primary strengths I would say I am a great defender, I know how to make sure my team is all on the same page by leading and by making the right decisions on the court.

JW- What do you feel you need to work on in order to get better?

NF- I feel like there isn’t anything specific because in my mind I always need to get stronger, faster, and just a better overall player.

JW- What other schools were recruiting you? 

NF- I had a few great conversations with South Dakota State, Umass Lowell, and Chicago State.

JW- What do you hope to accomplish on the court at UNLV? 

NF- I want to build a relationship with my team I feel like if I can accomplish have a good relationship on and off the court then it will make winning much easier.

JW- Besides basketball, what are you looking to get out of your 2 years on campus?

NF- I want to meet new people and I want to give back

JW- What’s your message to Rebel fans?

NF- Hey Rebel Nation! I’m so excited to be apart of this organization and family and can’t wait to play in front of you all and I hope y’all are just excited as I am. Lets Go Rebels!!!!


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